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The Six Different Shoppers

A recent revolutionary report by IGD shows that there is a new approach to how consumers shop, with six different types of shopper revealed.

The research looked beyond the normal realms of division and came up with the following results:



Source: IGD Research

So how did IGD define these six different types of shoppers:

  • Brand purists
    • This shopper uses brand related reasons when making store and product choices, and tend to buy familiar goods
  • Savings seekers
    • Price is an important driver for this shopper – they prioritise how much they spend on food and groceries
  • Discounter enthusiasts
    • This type of shopper is concerned with how much they spend on food and groceries, but are not willing to compromise on quality
  • Technology adopters
    • Digital savvy shoppers have the highest interest in using technology for food and grocery shopping and are the most frequent shoppers
  • Habitual loyalists
    • This consumer likes to plan their shopping and buy familiar products
  • Foodie adventurists
    • This category of shopper is the most likely to cook from scratch and to buy new products on impulse

So what does this research mean to brands and how can we make sure we are reaching out to every single shopper?

The Brand Purist/Habitual Loyalists:

  • These shoppers are loyal through and through, this is the consumer we would all love to have on board
  • If you are going to entice away from a competitor it’s simple – your product and promotional activity must offer more than the rest
  • This needs to be clear and visible to the consumer
  • Place goods in a high footfall area so it’s easily seen by the consumer – often placing a good next to your competitor is the perfect way to entice them away
  • Have confidence in your offer as this will draw the attention of any brand purist

Savings seekers/ Discounting Enthusiasts:

  • There are only two differences between these two shoppers – savers focus on price and for discounters it’s all about value. But never forget quality as a key influencer for both
  • Brands need to focus on clear and effective promotions such as price reductions and special offers such as multi-buys
  • It’s vital to not mislead the customer, don’t discount all products, keep it restricted to make sure the shopper sees the value

Technology adventurists:

  • Online shopping, click and collect, and scan and go are big drivers for this audience
  • A hard one to communicate with, the importance here is to ensure your brand has a presence across each channel

Foodie adventurists:

  • One of the most influential audiences for any brand
  • Keen to try as many different products as possible – these shoppers will be the ones to shout about your product if it’s good but also if it’s bad
  • A lack of loyalty can be an issue however you also have the power to influence
  • Mould their choices and try new, innovation and product development on these shoppers. Make the most of it.


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