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The snack market unwrapped

In this blog we cover the potential death of the humble crisp and the snack market facts you need to know, because in this industry, knowledge is power.

The snack market is worth a £3.23 billion per year. Earlier this year it was announced that the UK crisp market dropped by 2% in the past year to £932.2 million. Meanwhile, savoury snacks like biscuits and tortillas have surged ahead in the past year to with sales reaching £947.9 million – a 4.1 per cent increase on the year before.

However, the line between crisps and snacking is not as crisp as you might think. Pringles and mini cheddars which are not classified as crisps by the tax man both enjoyed a spike in sales.

So does this mean the death of the humble crisp?

In our opinion, no. The sector has challenges to face such as the increased demand for variety. But many brands are using that as an opportunity. Just take a look at Kettle Crisps for example, (admittedly they are our client but there’s no denying how good the crisps are) the brand has recently launched a new range of Chef’s Signature line features three variants: Gressingham Duck; Yorkshire Wensleydale Cheese & Cox Apple Chutney. But that’s just just the latest new product development, they’ve got a history of innovation, in fact Yahoo wrote about their top Kettle Chips 20 flavours.

New product development is of prime importance in this market. There’s a higher demand for healthier products which gives brands the expansion opportunities.  Recent research has found that 40% of regular crisp buyers were interested in purchasing sweet potato crisps, while almost a third would move to apple or pear-based crisps (Mintel, November 2014).

Snacking market, facts:

  • An average of 1.8 items are purchased at a snacking occasion and there are 3.2 billion snacking visits annually, equating to a spend of £7.6 billion annually.
  • The typical snacking consumer is age 35+ and consumers aged 18-24 particularly favour commercially prepared snacks.
  • 15% of people snack in workplace canteens and travel & leisure destinations, whilst 12% use vending machines and 10% use quick service coffee outlets. Retail/supermarket destinations lead with 18%.
  • British people consume on average 825 snacks a year.

Working with our clients in the snacking industry, Burton’s Biscuits and Kettle Chips, we help to prioritise their product presence, giving them the best visibility and increasing  sales. In this competitive marketplace we have achieved fantastic incremental display making sure NPD lines are off to a flying start but also maximising promotional and seasonal opportunities. Here’s just one example of how…