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Three Events, One March


It’s not often that in one month we see three key events from the annual calendar come up, but this March we expect just that.

March 2016 sees three key events being installed at store level, all with a different target audience:

  • Mother’s Day – 6th March
  • St Patrick’s Day – 17th March
  • Easter weekend – 25 – 28th March

With such a high level of activity, it will naturally bring consumer confusion. And at a time when many promotions are being seen as negative and misleading towards the consumer, it’s vital that any promotional offers are clearly communicated and appear not to be deceiving the customer.


Struggling to know how to make each promotion work for you? Just follow these simple steps:

  • Strategic push dates – dedicated time in plan
    • Any event, whether a one-day activity or long sales periods, needs proper planning
    • Any event needs a 16-week countdown, therefore don’t be thinking about the now – planning ahead means you will be prepared, the right product levels will be received and promotional activity will be in place
    • When you have three events that need planning in succession the key here is for strategic push dates – think about how much time in advance the consumer will be thinking about that particular event and place your promotion in the correct position for this time
  • Communication between staff and consumers
    • After you’ve planned in your dates and countdown the next step is all about communication
    • Talk to the retailer, consumer, staff, heads of department – just talk to everyone you can!
    • Make sure the event and promotional activity is understood and clear – as a brand you won’t be there all the time so work with your retailers to get on-board with your activity
  • Dedicated aisles and signage
    • It might seem simple but so many companies forget the importance of clear signage and dedicated aisles
    • Time is precious and brand ambassadors are there to help create the dedicated aisles and correct signage for the specific event
  • Use of data
    • Detailed analysis of shopping habits is essential during this time, sharing data at SKU store level can ensure that the right products are placed in the correct area to maximise sales
    • Our TSeye drive can help all brands and retailers generate as many opportunities as possible and drive ROI for each event
    • Look back at previous events and work out how the consumer shopped then and what the results were of that promotion

Want to know more about how to deal with varied promotions at one time? Chat to one of our team.