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It’s Time to Think Golden

As we head into mid-August, and it only feels like two minutes ago since April, we start the see the usual signs for the Golden Quarter come through the aisles of our local supermarket. Halloween officially marks the start of retail’s ‘Golden Quarter’, with this key shopping period all leading up to the Christmas rush in December. When it comes to ensuring a brand’s product succeeds during this peak buying season what must be taken into consideration is three key words, these are: availability, visibility and timing.

In a crowded marketplace when every single brand is bringing out new lines, offers and special Christmas products, it is vital that the brand representatives are communicating with the retailers to ensure that the correct products are given the shelf and promotional space required. Also that the products the consumer demands are what is visible in their local supermarket and convenience store during this peak time.

In other words, filling a store’s shelves with Own Label chocolate selection boxes when the consumer wants a box of Cadbury’s Roses will result in a decline in sales, as the customer will look elsewhere.

Timing is crucial for brands looking to get that all-important Christmas product on the shelves ahead of the Golden Quarter rush. Retailers need to start preparing for this peak season as early as August to ensure that their products receive the same amount of space and availability as the competition. So many people complain about seeing Christmas themed aisles too early in the year, however this trend is becoming more and more widespread and it does have real benefits the consumer. As it gives the customer the chance to research and choose which outlet they want to purchase their goods from, ensuring they receive the best possible deal.

At Tactical, we ensure that all our territory sales managers, who have spent years building up strong relationships with retail managers, are working closely with the stores throughout the whole of the Christmas period to make sure that all potential purchasing opportunities are available and visible for consumers. Fancy to chat to our sales team?