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Top Tips To Boost Easter Retail Sales

The Easter egg market alone is worth around 365 million. That means that the opportunity is there for brands, the question is, are you ready to seize it. Here are our top tips to selling more this Easter:

1. Plan for unexpected weather

Last year sales in clothing saw significant positive growth, boosted by the warmer than usual spring weather.

2. Encourage family fun

In store displays  and sampling that appeal to the whole family will attract more customers.

3. Keep a handle on the supply chain

Use data to give you all the information you need, so that you can order what you need, when you need it, eliminating wastage and ensuring a ‘right first time’ approach. You don’t want to get caught out like the Malteser Easter bunnies.

4. Use POS to win the Easter egg hunt

There’s a lot of competition at Easter and that means your product needs to be as visible as possible. Every piece, of POS should have an important part to play and take the customer on the right journey, to the checkout.

5. Start activity early.

This helps to prevent your product being left on the shelf and also gives the opportunity to send in additional stock if sales peak earlier than expected. At Tactical Solutions, we offer a service which helps to ensure stock is cleared in the last week of activity, both in store and from the warehouse through effective visibility and merchandising.

 6. Remember: it’s not all about chocolate

People make the most of the long Easter weekend by having family meals, doing DIY, gardening, and of course, eating a lot of chocolate.  The Easter opportunity is vast.

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