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Turning browsers into buyers

Despite the growth of online-only retailers,  those with a brick-and-mortar presence still control between 94% and 97% of the market, according to Harvard Business Review. While extravagant apps, websites, emails and social media strategies are important, the in store experience is equally as crucial.

Now, shoppers expect the same seamless processes and experiences, both online and in store. And that means that the in store experience needs to be better than ever. Retailers need to bring a little theatre to the shop floor, especially at Christmas.

According to research by OgilvyAction,  the decision on which brand to buy is left until inside the store for 28% of shoppers. On top of this, a further 1 in 10 shoppers will switch brands inside the store. Considering how many different brands there are on the shelf, brands need to use all tools in their toolbox, to activate and engage shoppers and make it to the check out. Without clever merchandising, strong promotions and visibility, brands risk losing customers at the finish line.


How to create best in store experience.

  • Brand representatives in store can help customers with their purchasing decisions, but only if they know what to say and how to engage a shopper. With certain products, for example with our client A2 Milk, educating customers is a big part of their role.
  • 1 in 3 shoppers ( OgilvyAction research) recalled being recommended a product by in-store staff or sampling from a demonstration when they were deciding which brand to buy. Sampling is a great way to introduce a new product or limited edition ranges and convert new customers. Nothing creates a buzz quite like talking face to face with customers and store personnel.
  • Extra displays,especially at the front of the store will help brands to reach customers as soon as they walk through the door.
  • Clever promotional displays with an enticing merchandising offer will ensure your product stands out.
  • Create a fun in store family experience, especially at Christmas. An immersive shopping experience puts the customer first, creating meaningful interactions that can turn browsers into buyers.

If you’d like to maximise the in store experience to drive your sales, just get in touch with our team.