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The top 5 retail trends

As we head towards the end of 2015, we look towards 2016 at the biggest trends that should be considered as part of any retail strategy.

Artificial Unintelligence

Consumers will demand more natural, less artificial food and drink products. Brands that don’t make the necessary changes or introduce natural options risk losing customers.

A joined-up channel strategy

For years there’s been a buzz around online channels. Now, that’s just not enough. Retailers need a strong in store presence, e-commerce site, social media presence and apps, but they need to blend all of these factors, creating a seamless online and offline experience.  It’s been found that shoppers who interact with more than one channel spend 18% to 36% more than those who interact with a single channel.


Finesse the fitness offering

Consumers’ interest in health and fitness will continue to increase and that creates an opportunity for brands to introduce more options with clear, transparent nutrients, forefronting the benefits to the users.

Optimised use of data

Retailers and brands that successfully capatalise on the large amounts of data now available will be able to target and personalise marketing activity to customer preferences, real time locations, behaviours and lifestyles. Retailers will also be able to boost conversions and predict margins by controlling stock flow more efficiently, predicting surges in demand and out of stock situations.

We’ve developed our unique TSeye data tool. This enables us to offer data led calls to our clients by using EPOS data to identify issues at individual store sku level, intelligently improving availability on behalf of our clients. This, combined with our bespoke Drive tablet software allows live store specific briefing. TS eye tells us the stores to call on, Drive allows us to deliver that insight within each individual call which delivers industry leading results and ROI.



In 2014 UK convenience sales reached £37bn with a 5.2% year on year increase. As the supermarkets and discounters continue to battle it out over price, convenience stores will go from strength to strength. If these retailers continue to focus on the individual shopper’s mission and disrupt the traditional store format in favour of true ‘convenience’ shopping, 2016 could be the year for convenience. For an in depth look at how to win the challenges faced in the convenience sector, take a look at our whitepaper.