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Who won the Olympics?

As we say see you in four years to the Olympics and hello again to the Paralympics, we thought we would take a look at our favourite campaigns and products created by brands to support Rio 2016.


Everyone’s favourite cereal brand has been running its #GreatStarts campaign that recreates iconic movie scenes from cult classics such as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Expect to see all the TeamGB usual suspects, past and present, from Rebecca Adlington, Louis Smith and Sir Steve Redgrave, in the adverts. Shoppers even had a chance to win a visit to the Rio 2016 games!

Check out the video here

P&G’s Thank You, Mom

 It wouldn’t be right if there wasn’t a tear jerker to get those emotions going during the games. This campaign has been going since the 2010 winter Olympics and has featured heavily in every games since. It’s all about a parents pride, watching from the sidelines. The advert captures the feeling of the moment, whilst cleverly plugging its brand’s products at the same time. Well done P&G, you have created the ultimate tearjerker.

Check out their campaign for Rio 2016 here

Coca Cola

It wouldn’t be an Olympics without the clear logo we all know so well. But this year, the fizzy drinks brand took a different approach. As well as pushing their main drinks range through adverts and social, the brand was keen to push its non-fizzy drinks. The effort will focus on five of its still brands – Vitaminwater, Minute Maid, Zico, Powerade and Core Power. With the main aim being to encourage people to try them during the games. This is a conscious push away from sugary drinks, and focus on healthier alternatives, which the audience might not be aware of.

Read more about their campaign strategy here