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Why we shouldn’t be threatened by technology in a retail environment

Why we shouldn’t be threatened by technology in a retail environment?


Embracing change is important in any industry and retail is no exception.


Mass adoption of new technologies has had a dramatic influence on the way consumers shop and has created new platforms for both browsing and purchasing.


While online and mobile shopping is increasingly important for consumers looking for convenience, the significance of the in-store customer experience can’t be swept aside. It is now, in fact, more important than ever before.


Stores must adapt and evolve to provide the experience that consumers want. A number of high street stores have fallen on hard times in recent years as they haven’t embraced technology and evolved with the consumer.


The rise and ease of new technology shouldn’t be seen as a threat to the traditional retail space. It is an opportunity for stores to interact with consumers and provide an enjoyable experience to reflect and showcase their brand.


Thanks to these advancements, our field sales agents have the skills to spot and revaluate brands stock and performance. And now with the advancement of our TSeye Drive we are able to share data, identify problematic stores and help drive sales and ROI in a timelier, in-depth and more effective way.


It also means that we can brief stores specifically on their issues with the required data to back up our suggestions.


What might sound like a straightforward process has significantly changed and enhanced the way retailers and brand ambassadors’ work. It’s a fast paced world and our tech, alongside our skilled agents, ensures the very best sales for our clients and retailers.