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Burton’s Biscuits – Cash & Carry

The Objective

Burtons Biscuits were looking to grow business across Cash & Carry and were looking for a team to work alongside the national account teams to drive growth at a local C&C level

The Solution

Tactical Solutions appointed a team of Business Development Executives on behalf of Burtons to operate within the key buying group members in addition to Bestway & Batley. This team complete the central ordering processes and upsell volume to support key activity, have responsibility for a local budget that they use to negotiate local activity as well as targeting key interventions such as extra displays and POS placement in depot

The Result

Within the depots and account called on by the team they are generating 12% volume growth vs. LY. Within the first 3 months the team have gained over 19,000 incremental cases ordered, merchandised over 15,000 cases and built nearly 100 Extra displays in depot.