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Burtons Biscuits – Convenience

The Objective

Burtons Biscuits appointed Tactical Solutions to deploy a dedicated team to deliver field sales within the convenience sector. With the budget that was allocated the key was to gain optimise efficiency in order to maximise in store selling time in independents & symbols.

The Solution

In order to ensure the right result was gained we were very clear from the outset on the finest criteria for this, this was to deploy a team of excellent sales people on a permanent part time basis. This solution enabled the team to have greater scale in terms of headcount per £. This would enable the team to have smaller territories and far greater flexibility than a full time lower headcount model. This ultimately increases in store selling time and will help in delivering the objective for Burtons.

The Result

This model when compared to a full time model delivered a team of 10 rather than 5. Reduced travel time by 52%, reduced the average mileage per day by 76% and lead to the part time model being able to achieve 30% more calls than a full time model offset against the same budget.