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Quorn – TS Eye

The Objective

Quorn required in store support to improve availability and promotional compliance across their Chilled range of SKUs in Morrisons on Gondola End 1 and within a Bumble Bee.

The Solution

The Business Insights team within TS analysed Quorn Sales Data in Morrisons using the TS eye Data System. They identified stores that had between 1 – 9 SKU’s with no sales for 7 consecutive days that fell within the 350 stores on the promotional feature space store list. The team called on these stores, and were directed to the unique issues and probable root cause in each store by their tablet. Whilst in call they also implemented GE and Bumble Bee promotional activity.

The Result

We delivered 29 new distribution points, 79 Bookstock errors were corrected, and 890 cases were merchandised, 422 Cases Ordered. 35% of stores had 3 or more cases merchandised. 371 POS and 307 SELs were added to show price points. GE compliance was increased from 89% to 92%. Bumble Bee compliance was increased from 83% to 85%.