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The Challenge

Supporting Innocent with category alignment in the Top 4 Grocers.

The aim of the campaign was to ensure all smoothie lines at the front of the store and main fixture were aligned in a ‘Green, Red, Orange’ order.

The reason for this was to make the best selling lines more visible, increase availability and allow ease of shopping to increase sales for the brand. The task lay in ensuring that all stores that stocked Innocent products would correctly comply with the campaign.

Our Solution

The field team would call upon their stores weekly from January for 6 months and once gaining agreement from store managers the order of the smoothies would be changed.

This was completed across the Super Smoothie range, take home smoothies and front of store smoothies. By ensuring all stores were implementing the new displays, it would maintain product visibility, as well as making the products look attractive, engaging customers to purchase them.


Stores visited


Alignment Compliance

The Result

Thanks to the expertise of the Solus Team here at Tactical Solutions, as well as the strategic product placement, over a 6 month period we saw 865 visited stores and 95% alignment compliance.

By visiting this many stores, we were able to ensure that stores and store managers were correctly maintaining the campaign. This helped to ensure sales and compliance remained at a sustainable level.

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