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Promotional Compliance & Distribution and Availability

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The Challenge

Ensuring compliance for PACK’D on Frozen Gondola End in Tesco

Our objective was to ensure compliance for the Frozen Smoothie Mix on Gondola End 2, as well as check Fixture compliance on 2 other promo SKUs. This would ensure optimum visibility for PACK’d’s products, increasing the opportunity for sales and promotional compliance.

Our Solution

We instructed our full time Dynamic Data Led team to visit over 300 stores in their journey planned territories. We would drive promotional compliance, and ensure that distribution & availability was high against all 3 SKUs. Along the way, the team would check for Bookstock errors and merchandise where possible.

When in-store, our team would be able to access live data through our bespoke table software, Drive, as well as assess promotional activity to fix any issues there and then. This may have included arranging stock, strategic product placement, and ensuring that Gondola Ends were fully stocked and visible.


Promo POS





The Result

From the stores visited, our team successfully increased compliance on the Gondola End by 15.24%. Additionally, improving Promo POS by 15.72%, availability by 6.11% and distribution by 4.48%.

This was a great result for us and PACK’d, and truly displayed the effects strategic product placement and monitored availability can have when stocking your product in stores.

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