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Driving Distribution & Availability

Driving you revenue by ensuring your products are on shelf

Ensure you have brand presence in store

It is vital that our brand representatives are communicating with retailers to ensure that the correct products are given the shelf and promotional space required. Availability plays a major role when it comes to your products success, having the correct distribution levels and access to the products when required is crucial.

Sounds simple? Well think about this way, what happens when not enough stock is ordered for a store, or it sells out?

 Don’t be the brand that is out of stock, forcing your customer to shop elsewhere. Keeping shelves stocked at all times is essential to retain customer loyalty. Our expert team work closely with your brand to ensure that the supply chain is effective, and you avoid any out of stock situations. Plus, with the assistance of our innovative TSeye tool which can provide real time data helping to ease the problem of out-of-stock situations. It also means that at store level we can ensure different stores have the correct products and stock levels available.

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Driving Distribution & Availability case studies

PACK’D – Promotion Compliance

Burtons Biscuits – Convenience

Innocent – Grocery

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Don’t just listen to us, hear what our customers have to say.

At Heinz we have worked with Tactical Solutions for the past 7 years and they have fully integrated within our business and clearly understand our needs. Tactical Solutions deliver exceptional results by utilising numerous levels of data, analysing to create meaningful data insight and being able to execute every day in the field to deliver insutry leading ROI. They work with us in true partnership and constantly strive to raise the bar higher and challenge our ways of thinkings and their ways of delivering in store to always do better.

Phil Jones
MD UK & Ireland Heinz