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A dedicated team for each unique client

We assign each team to a specialised area of retail so our experts match your goals

At Tactical Solutions, we aim to make a difference for our clients by assessing their individual needs and goals. We match the right team to the right project, so you get exactly what you need. Here are our current teams:

  • Dedicated Team – a dedicated fully employed team
  • Dynamic Data Led – fully employed & trained team, working on a syndicated model
  • Flexible Merchandising Team – part time flexible team
  • Convenience Team – depending on your needs can be full time and dedicated or strategic burst activity over the year.


Introducing our Dedicated Teams

Getting to know the Dedicated ‘Solus’ team

The Dedicated teams work solely as your brand’s ambassadors. This means that our experts can be part of your team, every day. And because all of our teams are fully employed, not only do they have the experience and brand knowledge to maximise profitability for brands, they also have the influence of in-store relations and understanding of the industry to get results.

The Dedicated teams operate by focusing on regular calls into stores that provide our partners with the biggest growth opportunities.

The Dedicated teams also have access to our live EPOS data system TSEye, which also allows them to execute dynamic data led calls and create compelling reports in store with key decision makers maximising impact and ROI for our partners.

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Introducing our Dynamic Data Led Team

Our fully employed, data led in-store sales team work hard for you

The dynamic data led team, sometimes known as the syndicated in store sales team, can work for a number of brands at the same time – making calls to store much more efficient. The team utilises our in house TSEye software to deliver data led calls, quickly identifying and correcting issues in store. This is one of the most cost-effective solutions we offer whilst still maintaining that all-important skillset and capability of a fully employed sales representative for your brand.

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Introducing the Flexible Merchandising Team

Getting to know our Flexible Merchandising team

The Flexible Merchandising team is our most flexible field sales solution. This team is made up of part-time and temporary workers to give clients flexible field support at outstanding value. Our Merchandising team can call in-store for clients any day of the week, offering many services which include:

  • Merchandising
  • Mystery shopping
  • Sampling and product demonstrations
  • Product purchasing
  • And many more!
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Introducing Convenience

Our convenience team is dedicated to your brand’s success across the convenience estate

As we all know, the convenience sector is rapidly growing and is a key part of our everyday shopping life. That’s why we’ve got a dedicated convenience team, focusing solely on ensuring your product is successful in these key areas: availability, visibility and timing. This is one of the most lucrative areas in retail and can drive up your incremental sales and your brand’s presence.

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