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The Convenience Sector

A chance for lucrative opportunities

The Convenience sector is forever growing and has now become a key part of the supermarket sector. Popping up on street corners and small high streets, the convenience store is always around the corner and there for the general public to get those last minute essentials.

It’s a hub for quick purchases and impulse buying, meaning merchandising, POS and product displays have to be up o scratch in order to reap the potential benefits of convenience stores.

With that said, Tactical Solutions provide you with an essential team that is dedicated to the Convenience sector, so you are able to snatch the highly lucrative opportunities for your products.


The Convenience Team

Driving incremental sales and brand presence

When it comes to ensuring a brand’s product succeeds within this fast-paced sector, the convenience team at Tactical Solutions can focus an array of areas to ensure your brand can take advantage of this quick selling environment.

We have a great team here at Tactical Solutions that remain in-house and keep an eye on all things store data. Our Convenience Team, on the other hand, provide help and guidance in store, as they implement actions derived from your data.

You can always expect hands-on expertise from the Convenience Team, as they go store to store armed with store specific information given to them by our bespoke software like TSeye and Drive.

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Our team focus on three main areas:




How it works

Availability – Our team can help you maintain and inventory levels of your product to ensure that the store always has access to your product.

Visibility – With shelf-space being a premium commodity, monitoring and implementing strategies involving visual merchandising, FSDU and POS implementation and promotional compliance, is vital.

Timing – With access to store specific data, the team can assess the right time for features such as NPDs, FSDU and merchandise.


Within the Convenience Team, a highly trained field sales manager is brought in to be a brand ambassador for a region. By doing this brands can create those strong, longstanding relationships with the individual retailers, which is crucial to the success of a product within the store.

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