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What is a Dedicated Team?

Brand representation is what we’re all about

The Dedicated teams work solely as your brand’s ambassadors. This means that our experts can be part of your team, every day. And because all of our teams are fully employed, not only do they have the experience and brand knowledge to maximise profitability for brands, they also have the influence of in-store relations and understanding of the industry to get results.

Data is at the heart of what we use to support and grow brands in this ever challenging market place. Whether it is using predictive analytics to support pre-sell activity or identifying products ranged and not selling or even inventory errors, our highly trained team ensure your brand is always available to the customer.

Once products are in stores and on shelves, your ambassadors are there for you whenever you need them – able to visit in-store to ensure that everything is running smoothly and that your brand is being presented as it should. Due to their excellent brand knowledge and experience in the grocery field, they know how things should be; maintaining your brand’s standards and helping to maximise profitability.

What can a Dedicated Team do?

The Dedicated team have your brand as a first priority

With help from in-house as well as data derived from bespoke software, the Dedicated Team (recognized by the FMBE awards) work solely as your brand ambassador – working outside the office and one to one with stores, helping to sell and monitor products on your behalf.

Armed with the latest brand and category information and armed with live data and compelling insights, we ensure that we drive full availability and compliance for our clients in the store. The Dedicated team ensure value is added not only to the client but also the retailer.

The right coverage is key and we utilise predictive analytics to ensure the right retailer and store is being constantly reviewed and receiving the correct frequency of calls.

Journey planning is vital in order to cover the right stores at the right time. We work closely with both our Journey Planning Team and Business Insight Team to ensure maximum impact is made in store.


Tactical Solutions develop & use their own bespoke software

To assist our dedicated teams with their work, Tactical has developed & continually evolved software to facilitate the in store process and therefore maximise the opportunities to sell, These include;

TS Eye – providing the freshest data possible in a structured way that enables informed discussions in each store

Drive – Tablet software that is much more than a data collection tool, allowing TSMs to easily access specific store attributes, sales aids, detailing clear objectives and managing the recording procedures to speed the data collection process and therefore facilitate the sales elements of each call.

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