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What is the Dynamic Data Led Team?

We’re all about utilising data with a flexible approach to deliver outstanding ROI

Dynamic Data Led Team, also known as the in-store sales syndicated team, is our most flexible band of experts. They can work for a number of brands within the same store and utilise live EPOS data to deliver maximum impact for brands; addressing issues such as promotional compliance, product availability and ranging issues.

Frequent calls into key stores means that the in-store sales team members become recognisable around the shop floor. As they take on products from various clients, a number of projects can be completed in one visit, making everything cost effective and efficient.


What can the team look after?

Here are a few of the features the team monitors

Promotional Compliance and Under Performance

Increasing Brand Presence

Product Availability

POS and Shipper Implementation

How does it work?

Utilising brand knowledge and store relationships

Due to experience within the industry, the team members are aware of the struggles of developing, launching and distributing products. With that said, after establishing call objectives, store numbers and reports, the team member will take on your brand and product and implement the actions needed in the store.

Using TS software to identify and correct issues in store, they are able to capture and share ‘live’ before and after images as they happen which are shared with you via our client portal.

They also check stock levels, the condition of existing POS as well as the shipping and delivering of new displays.

The use of helpful data and great store relationships, our team can take your products to new heights, delivering outstanding ROI.


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