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What is Capture?

Let us introduce you to our custom built data capture software

Capture combined with JAS (Job Allocation System) are our in house built systems that manage our workforce, assign and manage work, verify completion and compliance, as well as collect and report on field data.

To date, Capture has collected in-store execution information on behalf of hundreds of brands and managed thousands of briefs and projects in  stores throughout the UK.

What does Capture do?

Retail execution made easy

Capture aims to help brands, retailers and merchandisers alike to field execution across the retail ecosystem.

Capture allows us to:

  • Easily assign tasks and projects
  • Schedule workers
  • Keep track of project completion
  • Collects data from our team that enables us to create insightful and tailored reports for our clients

This allows us to manage everything in one central platform so we can concentrate on driving results in each and every store.

What are their best features?

Here’s just a snippet of some of the innovative features from Capture

  • Ability to track real-time status and visually verify task completion in every store
  • Create new assignments based on data collected in the field and collect real-time feedback such as low-stock or out-of-stock inventory data
  • Create follow-ups and send Blink messages , emails, messages to field, project, or store managers based on field data collected
  • Capture works with Blink – our internal social media platform which improves employee engagement, digitises paper-based processes, create one central location for all your internal information communication, and increase productiviy!

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