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Our bespoke, tablet software

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What is Drive?

We’re very proud to be using our very own bespoke tablet software

Drive is our own purposefully built, in store data capture and sales enabling software – built on the Android platform, the application is loaded onto our tablets as standard and enables our Territory Sales Managers and their evaluation of sales opportunities when on store visits.

The software itself breaks down the targeted goals for the TSM at each individual store visit. Thanks to the portability of the tablet, the TSM can identify, influence and implement sales opportunities as they work their way around the store. Not only does Drive make the TSM’s job quicker and easier, but it also swiftly implements information and content created by the teams at Tactical Solutions. This includes economical and efficient journey plans to your store and preloaded sale aids – keeping your store in touch with Tactical Solutions guidance at all time.

What are the features of Drive?

Drive facilitates the call process, eliminating timely processes and enabling sales

Each Territorial Sales Manager has their own unique username and password login for Drive, ensuring all security protocols are met. Once logged in, they can navigate easily to each are of the application; from the store CRM, detailing specific store information – including;

  • Location
  • Contact details
  • Personalised selling tips
  • Store attributes
  • History of previous calls

They will also be able to review a log of current and previous visits – including records of actions implemented, actions required for current or future visits.

The tablet carefully controls mandatory requirements of each visit including the necessity to insert before and after images, and the back-office management team support each call by preloading a list of call objectives and sales supporting aids. The application also includes a ‘live’ KPI league table, where each TSM can a view their status of KPI score achieved, measured against their peers in the team.

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