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Natural Insight

Our latest technological venture

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Who are Natural Insight?

Let us introduce you to our newest solution provider

Founded in 2003, Natural Insight started delivering cloud solutions to consumer brands, retailers and merchandising and marketing agencies to improve field execution across the retail ecosystem.

To date, Natural Insight has collected in-store execution information on behalf of hundreds of brands and managed over 39 million assignments in more than 120,000 stores across the world.

Tactical Solutions & Natural Insight are now partnered to manage our distributed workforce, assign and manage work, verify completion and compliance, as well as collect and report on field data.

What does Natural Insight do?

Retail execution made easy

Founded in 2003, Natural Insight aims to help brands, retailers and merchandisers alike to field execution across the retail ecosystem.

Natural Insight allows us to:

  • Easily assign tasks and projects
  • Schedule workers
  • Keep track of project completion

This allows us to manage everything in one central platform so we can concentrate on driving results in each and every store.

What are their best features?

Here’s just a snippet of some of the helpful, cloud-based features from Natural Insight

  • Workforce management – Cloud-based scheduling and timekeeping which enables us to keep track of our staff, their activity and KPIs, ensuring a dynamic workforce at all times. This also includes a message centre which keeps us in touch with the team.
  • Project Reporting – Providing an online, real-time visual on all projects and work assignments with the ability to view progress, productivity and performance in statistical detail. With everything our team could need in front of them, it easily helps with time management and understanding.
  • Image Galleries – Providing a quick and easy image upload service which enables our team to send pictures of completed promotional projects. These images can be organised by project, date and time so everything is perfectly stored ready for later referral.

Here’s some more features

Here’s a few more features that allow us to have the best possible retail execution

  • Mobile Online or Offline access, with specific instructions and built-in logic
  • Ability to track real-time status and visually verify task completion in every store
  • Automatically create new assignments based on data collected in the field and collect real-time feedback such as low-stock or out-of-stock inventory data
  • Automate follow-ups and send emails to field, project, or store managers based on field data collected

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