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Our bespoke software using live store data

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What is TS Eye?

We are very proud of our bespoke data solution software

By using the freshest possible data sourced from the retailers own EPOS systems, TS Eye is able to identify any issues in sales, stock or promotional performance, producing an accurate and easy-to-read report on each store’s performance.

Your data feed is assembled and monitored by our in-house team Business Insight team, enabling us to identify and quickly respond to any dips in sales or under performing products. With this, as well as the guidance from our TSMs, TS Eye allows us to minimise zero selling and dodge lost sales – all whilst maximising promotional activity.

How does TSeye help?

TSeye can provides data and feedback for the following key areas:

  • Product Performance – The system automatically provides dashboards and reports that enables our team to monitor all of your store’s products to review how they are performing aligned to ranging and expected sales, under-performing products are readily identified and a corrective action plan can be put in place.
  • Promotional Activity – TS Eye also monitors promotional compliance, highlighting products that are not reaching expected sales uplift for the size or profile of store, this enables us to deliver a plan in order to ensure that promotional sales are driven to expectations before it’s too late and the cycle has closed, driving sales and ensuring store are not left with large post promotional stock profiles.
    Waste management is also controlled as part of TS Eye, profiling stock to store sales and hence ensuring that waste is maintained at low levels.

The data that Tactical Solutions collects, using TS Eye, including all the above, can then be compiled into a report. This report informs you of the general performance of your store, the problems identified and how they were resolved. It is laid out in an easy to read and easy to navigate manner to increase understanding and minimise the possibility of re-occurrence.

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