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Merchandising is more than just making your products look pretty on a shelf. Positioning is key to reaching your target audience. From placing children’s products on the lower levels to ensure staple products are at eye level, there’s some serious tactical strategy behind merchandising your product in store.

A brand can often find it difficult to secure the desired space, which is the first hurdle, but then understanding which products to display where can be a minefield. Visibility is a major player in maxmising those sales opportunities, but it can be daunting for the individual brand, however working with a field sales agency can enable your brand to negotiate the best placement and strategize which products will sell more successfully at different points in the store.

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Merchandising case studies

PACK’D – Promotion Compliance

Burtons Biscuits – Convenience

Innocent – Grocery

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At Heinz we have worked with Tactical Solutions for the past 7 years and they have fully integrated within our business and clearly understand our needs. Tactical Solutions deliver exceptional results by utilising numerous levels of data, analysing to create meaningful data insight and being able to execute every day in the field to deliver insutry leading ROI. They work with us in true partnership and constantly strive to raise the bar higher and challenge our ways of thinkings and their ways of delivering in store to always do better.

Phil Jones
MD UK & Ireland Heinz