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Promotion Compliance

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The Challenge

Driving NAD Compliance and maximising sales

In Asda, NAD (or National Advertising Division) compliance has dipped in 2015, affected by restructuring changes in store. Promotions, which would have been effective, were not reaching customers which resulted in the beforementioned dip.

This may have been due to reduced visibility, unattractive displays or unfortunate product placement. Tactical Solution’s team worked to encourage NAD compliance and turn this around.

Our Solution

The field team worked with Birdseye and Asda in order to drive NAD compliance and maximise sales at a promotion changeover. Using live store data, they targeted Asda stores with poor compliance; a result in which was concluded from monitoring two consecutive promo periods, spanning over 3 months.

Those stores that appeared to not be performing as well were visited, and actions were taken by our team to encourage compliance with the latest advertisements. This was done through rearranging stock and the implementation of attractive displays and promotions.


Stores visited


NAD compliance


Retail Sales Value


Tactical's impact

The Result

After 200 stores were visited, on entry we found the NAD Compliance was at 83% and on exit, 94%.

When looking further into the results, we found that Tactical’s impact had improved things by +11%. The only hurdle that stood in front of achieving 100% was certain stores using lower priority ends to run off deleted or reduced to clear lines. Some were also unable to gain access to stock as they were overfilled.

With that said, overall there was a +£130.7K increase in retail sales value, and a +3.6% uplift during the two promo periods. With these results, Birdseye’s deep cut forecast accuracy improved dramatically.

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