Are You Ready For Halloween? ????

18 Oct,2019

[lead]The day of all things spooky is a matter of weeks away! Are you all prepared?[/lead]

As explored in our previous blog, around this time we see many of our favourite retailers joining in on all the Halloween fun. We see a number of offers, promotions and specialised products hitting our shelves which make our local grocers the number one place to go for all our Halloween goodies. And what’s the main Halloween essential that you can’t be without? A spooktacular costume of course!

With that said, we thought we’d scope retailers to find some of our favourite Halloween costumes that we’ve seen so far.

Scary Mermaid From the Deep – Sainsbury’s Kids, £12

tesco mermaid halloween costume

In the depths of the ocean live the spookiest mermaids you’ve ever seen – and now your little ones can be one for Halloween! This great costume is a unique take on the usual mummies and ghosts that you see, and one that will please any little one on the hunt for their perfect costume. This cute yet creepy dress comes equipt with tail-like ruching and a stylish crown to top it off.

Terrifying Trendy Skeleton – Asda Kids, £8

skeleton costume asda halloween

Apart from the Fidget Spinner and games controller that features in this on-trend skeleton costume, our favourite thing about it is that it glows in the dark! Now, we can’t think of a more Halloweeny attribute than that. This all in one suit also comes with a mesh mask, and we know it would be a hit at any kid’s Halloween shindig.

Magical Rainbow Unicorn – Sainsbury’s, £25

tesco unicorn adult halloween costume

The gorgeous colours and lots of sparkles was not the only thing that caught our eye with this magical costume. If you read our latest Halloween blog, you would see that we mention this Halloween costume as one of our favourites. What you see before you is the same costume for adults! You read correctly – this costume was made with Halloween loving adults in mind, who can now match with their mini-me’s. Not so much scary, but very cute.

Creepy Clown – B&M, £14.99

clown adult halloween costume bnm e1571386524783

We’d judge this as nearly too scary to show, but it’s too good not to! This terrifying adult costume comes with the two-piece outfit as well as the creepy mask, making the whole ensemble perfect for a party or taking the family trick or treating. We love it not just for its scare factor but the fact that it’s a great no-fuss, no effort Halloween costume that you can just chuck on. Perfect!

If you’re a brand or retailer wanting to know how you benefit from all the festivities, contact Tactical Solutions today!