So, how do we provide amazing field sales solutions? 

From household names to fierce independents, our award-winning sales leadership strategies and technological offering come from years of problem-solving, relationship building and some rather clever data crunching.

Our computer wizardry would be nothing without a team of digital specialists and analysts behind it – they are the real brains bringing magic to the way we work. 

Whether companies need to add a brand-new POS system to make sure their customers get the smoothest service or want to make the most out of their shelf space and compliance terms, you’ll be part of a team helping to operate and facilitate amazing marketing activities.

If you’ve got a thirst to learn and are ready to grow in one of the most varied industries around, then we have the ideal field sales job for you.

  • One way we develop our colleagues is through apprenticeship qualifications and we currently have over 20 apprentices across the business!

Kickstart your field sales job at Tactical Solutions

At Tactical Solutions, our Recruitment Team is currently looking for fresh and exciting talent in three key areas. 

Whether you’ve got a brain for numbers or would prefer to support brand objectives from the frontlines (or shop floor), we have a role for you. 

Operational Delivery Roles

Our operational delivery department is the ‘functional’ side of the business, perfect for keen minds who have an eye for detail and crafting content that supports your teammates in the field.

Job roles include planning analysts, insight analysts, and working within overall operations where you’ll be tasked with creating solutions on the tablets used by field managers and retail field sales representatives. 

These are fast-paced roles that would offer excellent opportunities for graduates or people at the start of their careers, giving you the chance to not only put a solid background in mathematics to the test – but also exciting new challenges regarding our social media channels. 

Field Managers

At Tactical Solutions, we employ our own full-time field managers.

A natural progression for a sales representative or someone who wants to enjoy flexible working from various locations, a field management role is perfect for driven, organised individuals with a drive for meeting and beating targets. 

As super-skilled sales professionals, you’ll enjoy full use of your own company car to help you travel across your assigned region, dropping into retailers on behalf of our brands to facilitate extra spaces on shelves. You’ll assist our clients in dispatching their strategies and achieving proven results, as well as meeting our own, with excellent time management and a passion for people and problem solving. 

You’ll be able to shine through annual appraisals and enjoy developing within the role as you succeed. 

National Account Managers

When it comes to field sales solutions, many companies recruit sales executives and account leaders from retailers directly, as they already have a wealth of base knowledge. We source National Account Managers directly from brands because you’ll have a mindset buzzing with winning sales strategies, insights, and experience from previous internal roles. 

You’ll love our approach to field sales because of your existing knowledge, not in spite of it, with a brain fizzing with new ideas.

If you’re passionate about supporting big brands with fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sales and building lasting relationships with potential customers and future clients, then becoming a National Account Manager might be your next exciting step.

With all of our roles, clear progression is available throughout. This is so our employees can go as far as they wish, with a strong focus on growth and self-development. 

Our Brand Champions are within 10 miles of
97% of stores
in the UK, ready to support with
365-day promotion for your brand.

Shelf-space. Positioning. Visibility. Product selection. A lot of thought and expertise goes into maximising your sales. We get it. And whether its POS installation, check and fix, auditing or range changes, we combine big brains with big data to make sure the right improvements happen.

01 blue line

1,000,000+ interventions each year

02 blue line

3,500+ data-led calls per week

03 blue line

3 billion data units at our fingertips

UK map - tactical solutions are within 10 miles of 97% of stores

What’s training and support like at Tactical Solutions?

We take the time to make sure that everyone is trained up and ready to tackle their role. 

In fact, we are constantly helping our team learn skills and elevate their output throughout, with solid inductions and a well-structured probation program so you always know where your progress is at.

You’ll be supported with 121s and action plans throughout your employment to help you achieve your career goals, with experience shared across the board to ensure everyone settles in and feels at home within our company. This is facilitated through engaging workshops from different members of the business – so no one is an unfamiliar face. 

This allows you to widen your experience and open up opportunities for internal progression, which we review regularly through development sessions and career fairs. 

Explore our full range of open roles todaywe look forward to meeting you!

  • One way we develop our colleagues is through apprenticeship qualifications and we currently have over 20 apprentices across the business!

What is field sales marketing at Tactical Solutions - and do I need any previous field sales experience?

Many people don't know much about field sales opportunities - mainly because this business practice typically operates directly on the ground, gaining groundbreaking results behind the scenes.

We facilitate huge changes through our winning selection of tried-and-tested focus points, such as: 

  • Data-Led Calls 
  • Distribution and Availability 
  • Promotion Compliance
  • Retail Audits and Store Audits 
  • NPD Launches and Store Resets 
  • Product Recalls

At Tactical Solutions, we use these services to deliver unrivalled results and direct return on investment for brands working in Fast Moving Consumer Goods, putting our ambition and go-getter attitudes to the test. 

It's never been a more exciting time to join Tactical Solutions, since joining forces with Dee Set, which has allowed us to accelerate our plans to innovate the retail industry - and then the world!

But mostly in the retail industry. 

Although we might be looking for certain skills depending on the role, which we'll discuss in the next section, you don't have to be a born expert on consumers to succeed in field sales solutions. 

If you are a proud 'people' person with excellent interpersonal skills, are motivated by targets and KPIs in a fast-paced environment - with a real knack for building relationships with old, new, and potential customers - you could still be a great fit.

Image recognition and objective detection technology

Our Recruitment Team is on the lookout for a wide range of skills 

Even if you don't have specific experience within field sales, we look - a la Liam Neeson - for a certain set of skills. 

  • Field roles: Within this sector, we're looking for people who thrive within independent working and are able to effectively manage their time. You'll also need to be personable with a wide range of people, whether these are clients from our brands or staff at our retailers, even if you do not work closely with them on a regular basis. 
  • Operational roles: Candidates looking to succeed within operations will be bright, detail oriented, and have a keen eye for processes. You'll have a background in maths and a good sense of curiosity, which allows you to develop within the role and look for new and exciting ways to innovate our output.

At Tactical Solutions, we're mainly looking for people who are able to put themselves out there with a drive to deliver amazing results for our clients - and a hunger to progress. 

Does this sound like you? Explore our job roles today.

Business development and industrial placements 

Thanks to our partnership with Chester University, we've been helping graduates excel with industrial placements on a frequent basis. 

Over the years, we've provided students with new skills and insight into our fast-paced industry, with plenty of support and guidance provided throughout - helping them achieve their apprenticeship qualifications and go on to discover the joys of a career with Deeset. 

Not quite convinced? Here's a testimonial from one of our recent graduates, Tiffany: 

“Tactical Solutions has provided me with an eye-opening experience in how the field marketing industry works - an industry I had no clue about until I started my industrial placement.

“I have gained invaluable skills and knowledge that University and studying alone would not have been able to provide me. The flexibility, atmosphere and support I get from my colleagues have made my placement a fantastic experience, where I feel like a valued member of the team. 

“Working at Tactical has given me a real insight into the working world and enabled me to gain a better idea of what career I want to pursue once I graduate!”

Benefits and culture 

We're a cultured bunch.

At Tactical Solutions, we pride ourselves on an accessible, relaxed, and pleasant open-plan space to come and work, with a vibrant young workforce that drives us. Whether you are working in an office or remote, we put in the effort to keep everyone connected - using our internal network resource to keep everyone in close contact with a supportive group of colleagues and managers.

In the field and beyond, you’ll also be able to unlock our amazing colleague HUB, which gives you exclusive access to deals and discounts with some of the most popular brands and retailers around. Because who doesn’t love to spend a little to get a lot?

We also automatically enroll all of our employees in our pension scheme, giving you peace of mind for the future. 

We won't lie - our roles are demanding.

We work in a KPI and deadline-driven industry, which does have pressures from time to time. That's why our culture recognises this and makes sure you have plenty of support and training.

Sound good? Explore our full range of benefits here.

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