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Providing tailored, data-led, field-sales solutions that help you sell more.


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Industry leading technology leads to outstanding retail results.

We offer award-winning, bespoke, field sales software, designed to produce fast, accurate and accessible reporting on each store’s performance, promotional activity and product performance. We use the most up-to-date data from the EPOS systems of the ‘Big 5’ retailers.

Identifying under-performing stores
Planning and implementing interventions
Carrying out Dynamic Call Planning to ensure no call wastage
Using the latest data insights to drive interventions

Delivering data-led, people-powered
solutions for the UK’s biggest brands


Data Insights


Our Brand Champions are within 10 miles of
97% of stores
in the UK, ready to support with
365-day promotion for your brand.

Shelf-space. Positioning. Visibility. Product selection. A lot of thought and expertise goes into maximising your sales. We get it. And whether its POS installation, check and fix, auditing or range changes, we combine big brains with big data to make sure the right improvements happen.

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1,000,000+ interventions each year

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3,500+ data-led calls per week

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3 billion data units at our fingertips

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Brands we work with

Data Analytics

Data Insights 

Hello! Is it retail data analytics, you’re looking for?

Here at Tactical Solutions, we have a people-first approach to field marketing. This means that we understand how to crunch the numbers and create unforgettable brand experiences out of huge chunks of data, translating those into key marketing solutions that get results. Our experience has led us to become the UK’s biggest field marketing workforce operating in stores across the country. We collaborate to secure leads for the biggest brands and offer tailored support for retailers who are just starting out. Utilising data analytics for retail sales is our greatest tool, one that our award-winning field marketing agency combines with a personal touch that allows us to get into the mindset of your brand and represent it as if it was an in-house team. We delve into customer journeys and use our insights to determine how your product’s visibility and position – and even those sad-looking empty shelves – are impacting your brand. We then give you the tools to innovate.

Online data that makes the offline experience

Too much data? To us, there’s no such thing.

We have an inexhaustible stream of data available to boost the power of brands: over 3 billion units, to be exact. The brains at Tactical Solutions can use this to help your internal team strategise a plan to reach certain goals, whether that’s targeted improvement of the customer experience, the creation of exciting campaigns, or efforts to boost engagement or your positioning overall. Data can be powerful when put in the right hands – so let us help your business make the most of it. 

We’re not just numbers guys, either. From data-led calls, product, store, and retail audits to promotion compliance, our services are ready for use across any retail environment to ensure brands get the most out of their shelf space. As one of the leading field marketing companies, Tactical Solutions has crafted insight-led creative and brand experiences for some of the biggest players on the market – with a proven track record of growing small start-ups into household names.

With Innocent Smoothies, Kelloggs, the Co-op Group, Arla, Morrisons, Cussons, and even Coca-Cola under our belt, we think we’re more than allowed to toot our own horn.

But don’t just take our word for it: you can read some of our Customer Stories here.

TS Eye data insights

Accessing the freshest data with Reapp

Even the most prestigious brands can get stuck dealing with stale data. This not only slows down your processes and leaves you with vital gaps in your knowledge, but it also stops you from actioning plans that can improve performance on the ground – making it easier for your competitors to catch up.

But not all is lost! When you recognise and utilise your EPOS system as the magic mirror that it is – by tapping into this technological bit of wizardry – you get the ultimate insight as to how your products are being interacted with. From overall sales, NPD ranging, stock performance to promotional success, these tasty numbers are certainly worth crunching.

At Tactical Solutions, we can not only elevate your existing data but implement new systems to monitor a greater scope. This gives you freshly squeezed insights that use cutting-edge machine learning techniques and AI that works cohesively to improve sales, product availability and all-important exposure. Empty shelves might mean your products are flying off them but, within consumer psychology, that’s an irritating bump in their buyer’s journey, especially when time spent restocking takes your product out of view.

With the latest T5 EPOS data systems, Reapp uses metadata and convenience distribution sources to get up close and personal to product performance in a number of stores. We use reporting solutions to help brands get a complete grasp on how their promotions are performing in real-time, allowing you to get a full understanding of how your product is being received and tackle underperformance. Our technology is always easy to understand – we get that not everyone speaks ‘field marketer’ – providing instant, automated reports that translate tech talk into plain English. For a complete overview, our team will also include the ability for you to track in-store scorecards and monitor priceless supply chain insights.

Want to get to the bottom of your product problems? Reapp will prove invaluable to you.

Brand support and in store execution

Brand Execution

We crunch, collate and compile data into reports you can understand. More importantly, when a brand works with us, you not only get access to EPOS data, retail audits, visual imaging, and more, but you also get to see how your customers are impacted as they shop. You’ll receive regular reports that give you a full overview as to how your stores are performing, alongside the problems that have led to drops in performance. At Tactical Solutions, we are all about identifying weak spots in your product presence on shelves and in store, before implementing data-led solutions that not only solve, but improve, results.

Winning field marketing solutions powered by leading technology

We love to translate data into actionable strategies that get amazing results. Our enthusiasm for problem solving has led us to use dynamic analytics that are able to identify why things might not go as originally planned – such as a less-than-stellar product launch or stagnating shelves. By utilising the latest in T5 EPOS data, we can instantly identify underperforming stores, saving brands priceless time, money, and energy in the process. We work to quickly deploy our field teams to conduct efficient data calls where further information is needed, helping brands to pinpoint the source of their issues and target them head on. Through interventions focusing on issues identified from our initial analysis, we can start to push for needed changes that give the top standard of results you’d expect from us.

So, what are retail data analytics – and what are their benefits to brands?

Talk nerdy to me. With years of experience working across multiple client sectors and examining international markets, we use bespoke technology, harnessed by a team of digital specialists to bring people to brands. The business of field marketing is more vital than ever, especially when customers have more options as to where they can find solutions for consumer goods. They vote with their feet, meaning that opportunities for brands to get products seen in an ultra-competitive marketplace have to be seized.

Luckily, we can collect, harness, and read data from every step in the entire shopper journey to help inform brands on how best to gain engagement and conversations. Far from being rows and rows of undecipherable numbers, retail analytics take this valuable data from sources such as inventory, as well as comprise data from the physical presence of stock on supermarket shelves, consumer demand, auditing customer satisfaction, sales, and supply chain movement – all while taking wider factors into account. 

At Tactical Solutions, we can use these vital pieces of data to tailor a number of benefits for businesses. Whether you are looking for an overall check and fix, are looking to add a new POS system to streamline your processes, or want to discover the impact of shelf-space, our team of bright and brilliant analysts can help you plan effective marketing activities for your business.

Image recognition and objective detection technology

Image Recognition technology

Are people looking at your products? And if not, why not?

Most of the time, it’s nothing personal. But we can help brands make big changes thanks to insights gleaned through the latest tech. Our Image Recognition technology comprises some of the most exciting retail data science available on the market – and we love using it to get our customers accurate, detailed reporting from the places where their goods are stocked. This technology has come a huge way in such a short time, implemented in nearly every stage of the buyer’s journey, from security scanning and biometrics to marketing and advertising.

As one of our most-used retail data sources, our Image Recognition technology within Reapp does exactly what it says on the tin: it helps users to recognise key data, such as gaps in distribution and missed sales opportunities. The technology makes it easy for even international brands to hone in on any shelf where their products are sold, working across any shape, size, or category of stock without breaking the bank. Our streamlined solution makes it easy for businesses to understand the problems modern consumers are facing and how sales teams can work on smart, effective solutions. With how simple Image Recognition is to set up – cutting out the need for complex planograms and hours spent tediously teaching the system how to do its job – this is our top offering to brands.

Anyone on your team can use Tactical Solutions’ Reapp tool. Its capability boasts a near-perfect accuracy with facings distinguished by pack sizings, among others, with a 96% accuracy rate gleaned from only a handful of training photographs.

We’re all about working smarter, not harder – and Reapp comes top of the class.

Field Sales

In the words of our Managing Director Cathy Evans, “Our people are at the heart of everything we do…” and we couldn’t have said it better ourselves. We’re data led but people focused, with a creative team that has the smarts and resources to give our customers a range of field marketing services that go above and beyond.

It shows the expertise of our Brand Champions, who work across the UK ready and waiting to support your brand around the clock, 365 days a year with sales assistance and data insights. Stationed within 10 miles of 97% of the stores in need of our services up and down the country, field sales really embody what we do: produce Tactical Solutions to Brand Problems.

How do we do this? Well, we use a number of different methods that can target and elevate the ‘pain points’ your brand is facing. Harnessing years of collective field knowledge and experience with cutting-edge technologies, we can innovate and elevate the success of consumer goods companies.

Distribution and Availability – We’re with you from start to finish. Our fulfilment services, including super-accurate picking and packing, does a lot. We also offer POS and FSDU assistance as part of our ecommerce fulfilment services, helping brands come up with inspired promotional displays that beg to be bought. Plus, for a greener peace of mind, we’re dedicated to creating campaigns that are fully recyclable as part of our carbon-neutral pledge and our journey to becoming a b-corp.

Promotion Compliance – We know the importance of a good impression. That’s why our people are promotional superheroes, going into stores to make sure your latest offering looks ‘impulsive-buy’ good. Tactical Solutions bridges the gap between markets and corporations, ensuring that your displays are deployed and built correctly – something that doesn’t always happen. Tactical Solutions can ensure that your brand gets the full benefits of your latest bit of promotional marketing genius.

Data-Led Calls – Sometimes it’s best to meet face to face. Our data-driven calls always have a purpose: to capture vital interventions on the shop floor that can then be translated into actionable results. This allows us to create strategies that change conversations into conversions. Much like an MOT, our field teams are able to target stock-keeping units and pinpoint problem areas, presenting you with vital data that can help grow your brand – and that all-important ROI.

NPD Launch and Range Reset – Got a new look? Let’s shout about it! Our team of amazing marketers know exactly what’s needed to get your exciting relaunch or fresh product line into the spotlight. We can offer data analysis of your line’s performance in real time, straight from the day you launch it, including insights into how the stock placement is affecting how customers are interacting. Want to get inside your audience’s head and nail that impulse-buy itch? With our tried-and-tested product launch checklist and processes, we’ve got you covered.

Product Recall – Sometimes things don’t always work out – that’s just a part of life. But getting your products recalled quickly and effectively is integral to conducting a successful business and protecting your reputation. Our field teams are ready to be deployed at any time to help get things done smoothly and quickly. With Tactical Solutions, we have years of experience dealing with product recall situations and will work with you to determine the most optimal course of action – giving you peace of mind.

Retail Audit and Store Audit – We’re all for being nosy. This is especially true when we can put new unearthed data to good use. We have years of market experience and brand awareness that we use to collate vital insights across your chosen sector. We combine data from store audits to give you a full overview on store standards, POS compliance and competitor values – giving you the tools to create new and exciting brand experiences that will boost customer satisfaction.

Field marketing team

Customer Stories

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