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Promotion Compliance

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Keeping up Promotional Compliance

Constant retail promotional compliance is the key to keeping your sales up and your customers engaged.

Brands and head offices can send promotional displays to stores, but often enough they are deployed incorrectly and sometimes not constructed at all.

It is vital that, in order to achieve supermarket promotional compliance and reap the great benefits that promotions can bring to your store, they are strategically and attractively placed in order to attract customers and encourage impulse purchasing.

Tactical Solutions analyse EPOS trends whilst monitoring in-store products and retail promotions to ensure they are doing their job from day 1.


Our teams are skilled in ensuring customer engagement

Our in-house team, as well as those we send out directly to your store, keep a close eye on your store’s data

Using our bespoke software, TSeye, we are able to keep a constant eye on live store data; tracking your sales and promotional productivity enables us to quickly resolve issues through visual marketing strategies and actions from our Territorial Store Managers.

Our field colleagues personally ensure promotions are first and foremost, visible in-store and set up in the right way to guarantee full retail promotional compliance.

Through our bespoke tablet software, Drive, they are able to identify, correct and implement the right promotions so your store can benefit from product promotional compliance.

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Representing the UK’s biggest brands

As one of the most successful field sales agencies in the UK, we work with a selection of the UK’s biggest brands in the retail and FMCG sectors.

We are committed to consistently delivering a measurable return on investment as well as educating key decision makers in store for a number of brands including Innocent, Birdseye, Quorn, Kellogg’s, Cussons, Inbev, Starbucks and Mars. Our team of experts understand the unique challenges of each of their clients and are able to tailor our services to suit an individual situation.

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