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Don’t be the brand with low stock level. It may force your customer to shop elsewhere.

Availability plays a major role when it comes to your products’ success. Maintaining stock levels and having quick access to products for when they reach minimum stock level, which can occur before the reorder point, is crucial to retain customer loyalty.

Our team uses data to quickly identify any on-shelf availability issues and acts quickly to get these filled; ensuring maximum stock levels so you can guarantee maximum availability for your brand.

Our team are experts in ensuring maximum availability

Our expert team work closely with your brand to ensure that the supply chain is effective, and you avoid any out of stock situations.

Plus, thanks to our innovative TSeye software, we have access to real-time data which allows thorough stock level management so we can help you avoid insufficient stock level related issues.

With such a detailed visual on data at store level, it also means we can differentiate between stores and their needs – meaning different stores have the correct products and correct inventory stock level available.

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Representing the UK’s biggest brands

As one of the most successful field sales agencies in the UK, we work with a selection of the UK’s biggest brands in the retail and FMCG sectors.

We are committed to consistently delivering a measurable return on investment as well as educating key decision makers in store for a number of brands including Innocent, Birdseye, Quorn, Kellogg’s, Cussons, Inbev, Starbucks and Mars. Our team of experts understand the unique challenges of each of their clients and are able to tailor our services to suit an individual situation.

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