Give as You Live Update!

5 Mar,2020

[lead]Back in November, we announced that Tactical had signed up to Give as You Live, and we thought we’d update you on how we’ve been doing![/lead]

You may remember at just before Christmas, we told you all about the fundraising platform, Give as You Live and how Tactical were going to be a part of thousands of other businesses that use this clever concept to continue their fundraising efforts.

give as you live screenshot

What is Give as You Live again?

If you’re unable to cast your mind back all the way to November last year, we wouldn’t blame you! But just to refresh your memory a little;

Give as you Live is an amazing online organisation that makes giving back super easy for individuals and business up and down the country. In collaboration with a number of brands, shops and online services, Give as you Live donates money to your chosen charity through a cashback scheme. The site explains;

“The store pays Give as you Live a percentage of your total purchase price in commission and of this, 50% is passed on to charity.”

Click here to be taken back to our original blog to learn all about the platform and Tactical’s involvement!

So, since then, a sum of Tactical’s spends that have gone on things like hotel booking and train tickets has gone through Give as You Live and straight to a designated charity. It’s allowed us to continue doing our bit for a great cause, without even giving it a second thought.

So far, Tactical have raised £200 via Give as You Live and we couldn’t be more excited! We can’t wait to see where that amount will be in the next couple of months but we’ll be sure to keep you updated.