Tactical Solutions win Gold Award at GroceryAid Awards

1 Feb,2024

We’re thrilled to share the exciting news that we’ve been honoured with the Gold award at this year’s Grocery Aid Awards, which gives recognition to organisations that supports the charity’s work, supporting workers across the Grocery industry, in impactful ways such as raising awareness, fundraising, and volunteering.

Making a difference

DE&I Tactical Solutions

This year, Tactical Solutions were driven to go above and beyond to complete the criteria and completed four awareness activities, including promoting welfare services internally and having an active HR/Comms contact. Adding to this we supported a fundraising event and made donations to the cause. We also completed two volunteering activities, which included being part of an awareness network/fundraising branch, and also became a part of a committee providing expertise to GroceryAid.

As a proud SME partner of GroceryAid, we work to support the charity in its mission to help make a difference in the lives of those who work hard to keep our grocery stores running smoothly. Across the industry, the charity provides financial support and practical assistance, including support and guidance on health and wellbeing, personal issues, relationship support, benefits, careers, housing, and legal issues.

Championing Diversity and Inclusion

Over the past few years, through our partnership with Diversity In Grocery (DIG), we’ve made significant improvements to our internal processes. This award stands as testament for the work we successfully completed in 2023 which focused on raising awareness of the services that GroceryAid provide. In addition, the amazing amount of volunteering and charity work completed by so many of our colleagues through On Hand, within their local communities, was also recognised as a major achievement.

The GroceryAid membership provides us with the opportunity to come together with like-minded businesses across the grocery sector to discuss and progress D&I initiatives and generate internal cultures where individuals can be themselves and thrive.

As part of this membership, we have access to the online ‘Learning Labs’ and shared content created by DIG partners, which enables us to develop our own policies over time, ensuring that we nurture diversity within the business. We recently attended a Learning Lab session supported by Tesco which was focussed on Personal Impact. This has now become a key part of our review document where we talk to our colleagues about their behaviours and personal impact to look at improving inclusion and removing unconscious bias behaviours.

What’s next?

Tactical Solutions team

We’re keen to deliver our ambition to become a better business. Our alliance with GroceryAid and its partners helps us to further shape our culture and ensure that we create an environment where eveyone’s perspectives are valued, different points of view are heard, and that people’s lived experiences enhance our effectiveness. Being a partner in Grocery Aid’s programme has provided Tactical Solutions access to a framework that governs everything we do and helps provide equality for each and every colleague and partner we work with.

Managing Director Cathy Evans shares her thoughts on what the Gold Award means to Tactical Solutions as a business, “We are thrilled to have been awarded the prestigious Gold Award from GroceryAid for 2023. As an integral component of our commitment to B Corp Certification, we remain dedicated to continually enhancing our support for colleagues. GroceryAid boasts an impressive array of support networks, providing invaluable resources for those who need it during challenging times. Our concerted efforts focus on the effective communication of available support mechanisms, as well as active participation in fundraising endeavours to sustain these crucial services for all.

“Moreover, our engagement in the Diversity and Inclusion Community has proven to be an enriching learning experience. Actively contributing to this community has prompted us to reflect on how we can further refine and improve ourselves. While the Gold Award is an honour, the true credit belongs to GroceryAid for their outstanding work in supporting individuals and fostering a positive impact”.

Together, with GroceryAid, we look forward to continuing our journey of making a positive impact and creating a brighter future for those who work diligently to keep our grocery stores running smoothly. Please visit GroceryAid for more information on what they do and what support is available.