It’s All About the FMBE Awards

9 Jul,2019

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In case you were wondering, FMBE stands for Field Marketing Brand Experience and it’s a night that Tactical Solutions always look forward to. The marketing equivalent to the Oscars, it’s a night where those in field marketing business get together and celebrate their best work throughout the year. FMBE has recently released the award categories for 2019, so we thought we give you the lowdown.


What exactly are the FMBE Awards?

So, as previously mentioned, FMBE stands for Field Marketing Brand Experience.

Field Marketing refers to assisting brands with their store presence and ensuring that through strategic marketing, they receive the attention and sales they deserve. Brand Experience, on the other hand, refers to features such as media and promotional events which are directly aimed at consumers in order to encourage sales.

Awards are given to the agencies in which have done notable and outstanding work in their field marketing. The focus ranges from the Best Display Units to Team of the Year, and not only rewards but celebrates all the brilliant work done in the industry. The night itself is full of partying, performances, nerves and tension as agencies from across the country anxiously wait to see whether they’ve come out on top. We all get to ditch the work-casual for bow ties and ball gowns making for a very swish evening that holds a lot of importance in our calendars.

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FMBE Awards 2019

Earlier this year, FMBE released the award categories for the upcoming night on the 26th September. Each year, the categories more or less stay the same with just a few minor changes. They include titles such as;

  • Sales Campaign of the Year
  • Brand Ambassador of the Year
  • Creative Captivation Award
  • Product Launch and Relaunch

And the list goes on!

For 2019, FMBE has informed us that the Special Award for this year is for Agency Staff Well-being, which also happens to be this year’s theme. This will provide an important focus on an agency’s care and attention towards their staff’s happiness and well-being – something that is just as important as the work.

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Tactical Solutions and the FMBE Awards

2018 was a great year for Tactical Solutions; taking home not one, but three awards!

  • Bronze Sales Campaign of the Year: Duracell
  • Silver Most Effective Tactical Campaign (ROI Focus): Innocent
  • Gold Brand Ambassador of the Year: Chris Tarbuck, Duracell

At Tactical, we are very proud of our achievements at last year’s awards, and with the tremendous work that we have completed in 2019, we’re excited to see what FMBE 2019 holds! Getting together with other agencies up and down the country to celebrate the hard work that we all do is always a pleasure. The passion we all have for the industry helps achieve amazing results for everyone.

The deadline for nominations commences on July 19th, so stay tuned for any news! Tactical will keep you updated.

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