It’s Pancake Day!

25 Feb,2020

[lead]It’s the sweetest day of the year, are you prepared?[/lead]

Pancake Day, or Shrove Tuesday, is one of the nation’s favourite annual holidays. As we start to say goodbye to all of the instore Valentine’s Day marketing, we say hello to promotions, displays and product focus all in the aid of Pancakes.

Thanks to its traditions, we see the focus on the same products every year and marketing that highlights as such. These usually consist of pancake ingredients, equipment and the all-important toppings. So, with most of the country whipping out the frying pans to make their most impressive crepe, we thought we’d shed a little light on the origins of Pancake Day, and arm you with the best pancake inspiration to fill your bellies with.

Where does Pancake Day Come From?

Pancake Day and its pancake-making traditions originally stem from a religious holiday. Shrove Tuesday, as it’s officially known, is the day of feasting which takes place before the beginning of Lent which, according to tradition, is a time of fasting. Shrove Tuesday falls on the day before Ash Wednesday, and the beginning of the official build-up to Easter.

The making of pancakes on this day stems from them being the best way to use up certain ingredients in the house, ready for a period of fasting. As it’s become a mainstream celebration, Shrove Tuesday has lost most of its religious connotations and is now mainly known as Pancake Day where we get together to see how can whip up the most delicious crepe.

Pancake Inspiration

Bacon Pancakes – Mix the savoury with the sweet!

recipe bacon pancakes

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Fruity Pancakes – That makes it healthy, right?

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Dessert Pancakes – Get creative!

toffee pancakes e1582202267683

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Vegan Pancakes – Make it dairy-free!

vegan pancakes

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