It’s World Vegan Month in November!

24 Oct,2019

[lead]In a time of environmental awareness, it’s about time we celebrated those trying to make a difference![/lead]

With that said, veganism is not a new concept. The Vegan Society, the organisation behind the iconic vegan symbol found on many of our much-loved brands, coining the noun in 1944.

Veganism in 2019 looks very different compared to what it did 75 years ago – becoming a much more mainstream and accepted way of living, especially amongst all the current discourse surrounding the state of the environment and climate change. And with November 1st commemorating the first day of World Vegan Month, we thought we’d have a dig into what all the fuss is about.

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Firstly, what does it mean to be Vegan?

Those who label themselves as Vegan don’t consume anything that involves animals, consisting of a diet without meat, fish, eggs and dairy. Some Vegans go as far as not eating or wearing any product that has had anything to do with animal products, living a fully plant-based lifestyle. According to stats from 2018, 3.5 million people in Britain now identify as vegan, and even more taking mindful action against the way they eat; with up to a third of the population reducing their meat consumption completely.

Looking at these stats alone, it’s clear that the plant-based lifestyle is on the up. But why is it becoming so popular to ditch the animal products?

It’s Now Not Just for Rabbits

Before this wave of awareness and environmental discourse, vegans were somewhat of a minority laced in a number of stereotypes, the main being the limited diet you are destined for if you chose to be Vegan.

As veganism has become mainstream and celebrated across the media, retailers and brands have kept up with the demand by filling our shelves with a lot more variety and option which has not only sustained those that are already vegan, but helped appeal to those that may have thought that lettuce and salads where the extent of veganism. Not only is there more awareness of foods that are what is being called ‘accidentally vegan’, but there is so much more variety and choices that stray away from the green and leafy stereotypes, showing people that you can enjoy your favourite food whilst being animal-free.

Here are some of our favourites;

Hellman’s Vegan Mayo, Asda

vegan mayo hellmans asda

Magnum Vegan Classic Ice-Cream, Sainsbury’s

magnum vegan classic sainsburys

Goodfella’s Vegan Pizza, Tesco

vanilla icecream soy tesco

New Technology, Tastier Food

It’s safe to say that the popularity of meaty American dishes and the national love for fast-food restaurants has cemented the obsession with all things meat. Even if you look at Britain’s most popular dishes, the fact that they all surround meat is pretty hard to miss.

Well, thanks to 21st-century technology advancements within the food industry the general public can now be plant-based all whilst enjoying the taste and texture of meat. Thanks to brands like Beyond Meat , KFC, Quorn and Greggs; meat-free meat has never tasted so good. This not only contributes to the amount of variety available but has enticed those who love them meat to dip their toe in the world of plant-based eating.

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It’s Environmentally Friendly

Amongst all the latest conversation around climate change, it has been highlighted that our eating habits and meat consumption is drastically affecting our carbon footprint. Veganism has been recognised as being a much greener way of eating and has been a catalyst for more of us attempting to cut down on meat. Research conducted has not only suggested that eating meat is the biggest contributor to global warming, but that eating less meat and veganism is the best thing for combatting our environmental impact.

If you’ve been keeping up with the news and social media, you’ll be fully aware that more and more people are waking up to the devasting effects that humans are having on the earth and the environment. With the rise of Greta Thunberg and the pressure on the government to make a change, many of us have been taking it into our own hands by making changes to our diet and opting for veganism.

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Celebrating World Vegan Month

So as Veganism becomes increasingly popular amongst the masses, and will be a hot topic during its month of celebration, how will you get involved? World Vegan Month could provide the opportunity for your brand or store to get in on the action and produce marketing and promotional material which would not only assist and appeal those wanting to try it out but include those getting in on the celebrations.

Tactical Solutions are here to help in this time of potential increased spending. Our in-store teams can help deploy effective Vegan Month marketing which would not only help with promotional compliance but sustain product performance. With a keen eye for your brand, we can also assure that the distribution and availability of your products are up to scratch, further ensuring success throughout the event!