Latest HFFS trial store insights – August 2022

15 Aug,2022

We’ve been tracking HFSS trial stores across the Top 4 UK Grocers for quite some time now. In the past, we have reported to our customers the inconsistencies, uncertainty and some of the pretty ‘unique’ solutions that the retailers have come up with to get around the upcoming legislation changes.

With just two months to go now until the new laws come into force, have the retailers got to grips with what’s to come and what does that look like and mean for your brands space? To give you some insight we recently audited Morrisons Rochdale, and here’s what we found:

Main Findings:

  • Store flow: Produce > FFPP > Frozen > Grocery
  • Fresh Food Pre-Packed (FFPP) has eight ends. Five of these were previously used for promo. This is now just two, with two moving into fixture – meaning one promo feature space has been lost
  • Frozen has four ends. One in the centre aisle and three facing the back of the store. The centre end remains a promo end. The fourth end is now Fruit, leading into Desserts. One promo end has been lost. The rest of the fixtures remain the same. Three stand-alone freezers are now utilised for Seasonal/BWS/Checkouts
  • Grocery has moved the centre aisle with oils now on the last aisle. Three promo features have now been moved into the main aisles. The centre aisle ends now lead with BWS & Non-Food. The Confectionary end opposite the checkouts has now been replaced with Non-Food

Store layout changes in more detail:


  • FFPP – First Aisle: Previously a Cake end, now replaced with Bread

Cake Isle before after


  • FFPP – Chillers: The first and fourth chilled end on the centre aisle remain as a promo feature. The second end on the centre aisle is now Healthy Yoghurts and Yoghurt drinks and the third end is now Meat Free. End five at the back of the shop moves from promo to Dietary products, end six moves from Desserts to Fruit Juices (with Desserts now in the main aisle) and ends seven and eight remain as Pasta & Meats

Chiller before after

  • Two promo ends have now moved into the main aisle

Frozen Foods

  • Just one end on the centre aisle remains as a promo end. The store is currently using this for clearance stock; however, it will revert back to a promo once cleared
  • Ends two and three remain as promo ends, with BWS remaining in one and two
  • End four promo has now been replaced with Frozen Fruit

Frozen before after

  • The Frozen Fruit on the end is Bay 1 of the Ice Cream & Desserts fixture, which leads into the main aisle. The rest of the fixtures on the aisle remain the same
  • There are now three new stand-alone freezers on Seasonal, BWS & Checkouts

New freezers


  • The confectionery at the front of the store has been replaced with BWS
  • The first bulk grocery promo end on the centre aisle has now been replaced with Nuts


  • The bulk stock on the centre aisle has now been occupied with sugar-free Coke and Toilet Rolls
  • The centre aisle, first grocery gondola end has changed from promo to BWS
  • The centre aisle, second grocery gondola end has changed from Confectionary to Gift Sets
  • The three promo ends have now moved into the main aisles


  • Oils have now moved into the last aisle, with tinned vegetables now visible from the centre aisle
  • Confectionary has been removed from the end opposite the checkouts and has been replaced with Kindling
  • Interestingly there is now an Energy Drinks end opposite the checkout, at the end of the Drinks aisle (certainly not limited to sugar-free SKUs)

Other Updates 

  • Directional floor POS can be seen in the centre aisle

Floor signage

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