Macmillan Coffee Morning Round-Up

23 Sep,2019

[lead]Tactical is sticking on the kettle as well as their aprons to raise money for a fantastic cause.[/lead]

The team at Tactical are sharpening up their baking skills for their upcoming Macmillan Coffee Morning where not only will they be dishing out cups of tea and coffee, but going head to head in order to see who can rustle up the best cakes and bakes.

coffees group espresso milk

What is a Macmillan Coffee Morning?

If you’re not familiar with the amazing work that Macmillan do, let us get you in the know. Macmillan is a charity who specialises in raising money for those suffering from cancer. Not only does it provide support in a time of need but also helps family and friends around those suffering to deal with what can be such a difficult time.

Coffee mornings have been Macmillan’s way of getting people around the country involved with the cause; getting everyone together to do what us Britons do best – have a top-notch brew. The first Macmillan Coffee Morning took place in 1990 and have been going ever since. Those who take part receive their own Macmillan pack to get started, but other than that, the organisation is up to you! Those involved donate, sit back and enjoy time with their friends, family or co-workers whilst sipping on a good cuppa and munching on their favourite baked good. In 2018, Macmillan managed to raise £26,914,382 through Macmillan Coffee Morning, and this year Tactical have signed up to help contribute to this important cause.

So, without further ado – here are some of the best bits from the afternoon!

Some drool-worthy treats to start off the morning! Plates were not full for long.

tactical coffee morning doughnuts

Check out this Lemon Drizzle show stopper!

tactical coffee morning lemon drizzle

An ever-so tempting chocolate number, topped with nuts for that delicious crunch.

tactical coffee morning choc cake nuts

Who remembers butterfly cakes! A firm favourite; simple yet scrumptious.

tactical coffee morning butterfly cupcakes

A boozy twist on a classic – how about this Limoncello Cake!

tactical coffee morning lemoncello

And to finish off, home-made Eccles Cakes – a timeless classic!

tactical coffee morning eccles cakes

As you can see, Tactical’s Macmillan Coffee Morning went down a storm! Well done to all the bakers, the buyers and the tea makers who made it so.

If you’d like to have your own Macmillan Coffee Morning, check out their website where you can read all about it and sign up to receive your own starter pack. Happy baking!