Meet Tactical Solution’s Brand New Live Portal!

26 Jul,2019

So, not long after we’ve introduced you to our swanky new website, we’re presenting to you our brand spanking new Live Portal!

If you are acquainted with Tactical Solutions’ services, you’ll know that we are pride ourselves on being a hands-on business. We enjoy getting to the nitty-gritty of day to day detail and aligning ourselves to the latest innovation, as we believe that paying close attention to the most minute details allows us to do the best job for you. Our bespoke software such as Reapp and Drive clearly demonstrates our commitment in this area, providing us with the platforms to quickly analyse your brand’s data, down to store/SKU level and transmitting these immediately to our field teams. This enables us to quickly pinpoint and eradicate store-level issues, results of which are readily available in a reporting format of your choice.

Well, if you thought that was good, you’ll be well impressed with this! Tactical Solutions have now introduced a new Live Portal so we can further improve our services. Let us introduce it to you:


What is it?

The Tactical Solutions Portal enables both our clients and our internal teams to access data, information and even photographs. Data sharing has been made easy and can be presented in a variety of formats including Excel, PowerPoint & Power BI. The platform itself is built on Microsoft SharePoint so will meet the security needs of our clients IT departments. In nutshell; it’s safe, secure, accessible and easy to use!

What is it used for?

It provides an electronic gateway for digital files and information, providing a secure sharing mechanism between ourselves and our clients. It allows both internal and external clients to securely view and share files and photographs; eliminating the need for file sharing via e-mail.

Tactical will provide you with a secure username and password with which you are able to access, view and interrogate data that has been supplied; building up a library of reports and history that can be filtered to suit your individual needs. This eradicates the need to request historical files as they, along with photographs, will be readily available and indexed.

tactical logo sign office

Who can use it?

The portal can be used by anyone who has been provided with a username and password. Different access and security levels allow peace of mind, as it ensures that your information is only seen by approved and relevant users. Through the portal, your data is safe, secure and can only be accessed by authorised personnel.

When is it available?

Tactical Solutions portal is available now – click here to contact us and speak to a member of our client team who will provide a demo and arrange set up and training!