Our Favourite Christmas Ads 2019

26 Nov,2019

[lead]Our favourites brands have released their Christmas Ads for this year and we couldn’t feel more festive and ready for Christmas![/lead]

In recent years, the popularity of retail Christmas Adverts has skyrocketed. It could be said that ever since that John Lewis released their 2007 Christmas Commerical, ‘Shadows’  which wowed audiences with its production value and cleverness, their contribution to the festivities has become an awaited tradition for the nation. It wasn’t long until many of the UK’s favourite retailers jumped on the bandwagon, all competing for their consumer’s affections to funnel their spending towards their shop during the busiest retail period of the year.

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Not only do they get us thinking about where we’re buying for Christmas, but they also strategically tug on our heartstrings and add to our enjoyment of Christmas. Now we’re a month before the big day and all of 2019’s Christmas adverts are out on our screens, we thought we’d have a look at some of our favourites!

Tactical’s Top 5 Christmas Adverts

Sainsbury’s – Nicholas the Sweep

In Sainsbury’s 2019 Christmas Ad, they take us back to 1869 when Sainsbury’s first began as a humble shop in London. In the ad, we see little Nicholas the Sweep being falsely reprimanded for stealing a satsuma. His Dickensian master, along with everyone else on the busy London street, banishes young Nicholas to the snow, to be then saved by a friendly Sainsbury’s shop keeper who confirms the truth. Reclaiming his innocence, Nicholas goes and spreads Christmas joy amongst his friends, with a very surprising twist at the end. A very sweet advert, Sainsbury’s did well to bring the spirit of Christmas to our screens.

Asda – Let’s Make Christmas Extra Special


Asda’s Ad brings us back to modern-day, with a young brother and sister as the stars of the ad. Little sister Tilly uses her Grandad’s cane and some clever DIY to collect some of ‘Santa’s Left Over Magic’ in order to sprinkle some Christmas cheer around her street. When her Christmas magic runs out, her big brother steps in to cheer up his little sister. It’s a heartwarming advert which reminds us what Christmas is all about – family!

John Lewis – Excitable Edgar


This Christmas, John Lewis has pulled on our heartstrings once again with the introduction of cute dragon, Excitable Edgar. Excitable Edgar is wanting to join in on the festive fun but keeps burning things to a crisp with his uncontrollable flames. After giving up trying, he finally finds a way to heat up Christmas which also warmed up our hearts and brought a little happy tear to the eye. The nation has certainly fallen for the little dragon, and John Lewis has made it possible for you to take your own plush Edgar home – perfect for Christmas!

Argos – Book of Dreams

In the UK, flicking through the Argos catalogue has always been a staple tradition for children at Christmas. This year, Argos have truly captured this in their latest ad. It features a Dad sifting through the iconic catalogue where he comes across a drum set which has been so conveniently circled and decorated with hearts. All of a sudden, the kitchen turns into a stage in which the Dad and his daughter play into the night on their new drum kits. Not as festive as their competitors, but nevertheless, Argos encapsulates a Christmas that many of us experience, bringing a nice familiar and homey feeling to their 2019 ad.

Aldi – Kevin the Carrot


We first met Kevin the Carrot back in 2016, and this year he has returned with a brand new story. Being hunted down by a bunch of sprouts, Kevin the Carrot is in trouble for taking the focus off of the green festive vegetable. To getaway, we see Kevin running to the circus where we see a ‘Greatest Showman’ style scene where Kevin and the family put on a great show. We absolutely love the characters that Aldi has created and seeing the next chapter in his life brought smiles to our faces! Plush versions Kevin the Carrot and his cute little family are also available to take home this Christmas.

But it’s not just our favourite Ad, it was voted as ‘Most Effective Christmas Ad’ by marketing specialists, Kantar. Winning titles such as Most Brand Building, Differentiation and Most Emotional, Aldi has certainly outrun John Lewis and know how to make an ad perfect for Christmas.

Other Gems

Marks and Spencers – Go Jumper’s for Christmas

Boots – Gift Like you Get Them

Iceland –  Magic of Frozen

How About You?

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