Our Journey Towards Sustainability and Social Responsibility

24 Feb,2023

Tactical Solutions recently achieved B Corp accreditation and Managing Director, Cathy Evans, has shared her thoughts with us on what this means to her and the company.


People are the driver

“First and foremost we are a people business. And without great people the business is nothing. So, what our B Corp accreditation now allows us to do is formalise some of the great stuff we do really well already with our people and generate much wider engagement with our workforce.”


Determination, determination, gratification

“Achieving B Corp accreditation is a significant accomplishment for Tactical Solutions. The accreditation now provides a framework for Tactical Solutions to formalise its commitment towards people and the planet, as well as drive positive change in our business and within the wider community.

“It’s taken us three years to get here, and I’m proud that we have stuck with it, as it hasn’t been easy. We have had to be tenacious to get through this process and all that hard work that the team has put into gaining this accreditation has undoubtedly paid off.

“I’ll admit, as a business, we are very good at starting projects and sometimes getting distracted along the way as the main day to day job precedes, but to have actually stuck this through and reached this goal is a true testament to the determination of the team and an example of how important this is to us as a business.

“Now, for Tactical Solutions, this is just the start of the next chapter. It’s a vehicle to culturally change the business. Following the Covid-19 pandemic and after a long period of remoteness, we are now coming back out of this stronger than ever – introducing lots of new ways of working and meeting together more regularly as a team. I see this as a real game changer.”


Tactical Solutions 2.0

“The B Corp accreditation is not just a change for the business, but also signifies a change for our colleagues individually. We have always had a great bunch of people within our company, who have heaps of ideas they wish to see implemented within the business, and want to get involved. Now, we are able to open up these channels of communication clearly and provide a platform where people can get involved and feel like they are making a difference, no matter how big or small. In fact, it may not even be something you would normally consider as being directly business related – it could be as simple as changing their habits at home, which in turns generates greater sustainability. Trace this back and talk openly about these tweaks to our daily lives as a group and then these individual efforts suddenly turn into more widely adopted trends amongst our colleagues. Combined together this contributes massively towards the overall efficiency and sustainability we project as a business.

“Therefore, we should never underestimate the power of our people. This sense of belonging and the opportunity to make a real difference is what will bring the company together as a whole and generate the biggest social and environment change – internally and in the community around us.”

Living and breathing the B Corp values

Tactical Solutions has already introduced initiatives such as the Mental Health First Aider’s program, a Diversity & Inclusion group, established a partnership with Grocery Aid and continues it certification of Carbon Neutrality. However, now as a B Corp we can now focus on these initiatives in a more cohesive manner and drive real change in our business and community.

“The wider impact of positive change that being a B Corp provides is going to be the biggest thing we have ever done as a business. Not only making a positive impact within our community, but also setting an example for others to follow. I am really excited about the next phase of our B Corp journey and I encourage more like-minded businesses to join us on it.”

For more information about our B Corp journey and what it means to Tactical Solutions, please click here.