Student Placements: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Leaders

24 Aug,2023

We’ve been running our student placement program for over a decade, forging strong ties with University of Chester. The program is designed to provide students with hands-on experience in different aspects of the business, offering a rotational structure that aligns with their academic and career goals. This not only benefits the students themselves but also enriches the company with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.


A Mutually Beneficial Partnership

The relationship between Tactical Solutions and the University of Chester has proven to be a win-win situation. Through this collaboration, students gain exposure to the business world while working on real projects and contributing to the company’s success. This partnership also allows us to tap into the energy, creativity, and critical thinking of the next generation of professionals.


Building Skills and Confidence

During their placement, students can expect to grow both personally and professionally. The experience provides them with practical life skills, exposes them to the demands of a full-time career, and offers the chance to develop new abilities such as working with various software tools and understanding complex processes. But it’s not just about the work; students also build confidence and gain a deeper understanding of how different aspects of a business operate.


Meet our newest additions to the family – Connor Bailey and Piyush Choudhari!

As we continue our commitment to nurturing young talents, we sat down with these two bright individuals to gain insights into their expectations and aspirations as they start their student placements with us.

  • Connor Bailey – BA (Hons.) Digital Marketing, University of Chester
  • Piyush Choudhari – BA (Hons.) Business Management (Entrepreneurship), University of Chester


  1. Why did you choose to pursue a placement with Tactical Solutions?

I chose to pursue a placement with Tactical Solutions due to the success and opportunities previous students had experienced on their placements and the progressive nature of the company.

Student_Placement_ConnorConnor Bailey


  1. What specific skills or experiences do you hope to gain during your placement with us?

During my placement, I aim to develop my understanding and experience in two main segments of the business, the operations and the client/sales teams. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and whilst studying at University I have had a few entrepreneurial ventures as well. This motivates me to explore building relations with clients and in order to do so, I would initiate this journey by understanding the operational base of the business.

Student_Placement_PiyushPiyush Choudhari


  1. How do you envision this placement contributing to your academic and career goals?

Academically, I envision this student placement to expand my knowledge on how to relate my work and papers to the ‘real world’ practical business problems that am faced with. Through greater exposure during my placement, this will offer more insight into how the different business function operate and how they handle things.

Furthermore, I envision this placement providing me with the experiences to help guide my decision of my careers future, and how I can best adapt to my careers demands in this ever-evolving industry.

Student_Placement_ConnorConnor Bailey


  1. Are there any particular projects or tasks you’re looking forward to working on during your placement?

I’m interested in working with the B Corp marketing aspect and the Reapp side of the business, as these are areas, I believe I can develop the most and offer me the most interesting experiences for myself and my goals – particularly the B Corp marketing aspect, as I enjoy contributing to creative and analytical marketing decisions and where they can lead to.

Student_Placement_ConnorConnor Bailey


  1. In what ways do you expect this placement to challenge you and promote personal growth?

Coming from an entrepreneurial background, I understand the ways a business operates, but I see myself being challenged to develop an all-round capability to handle multiple responsibilities and working on the day-to-day tasks that create an impact!

Student_Placement_PiyushPiyush Choudhari


  1. What role do you see yourself playing in the overall team or department during your placement period?

I see myself playing an ambitious and highly contributory role in my team as well as a role where I am learning from them. I hope the role can teach me to utilise the information I have picked form my time at university and previous jobs, and apply and nurture these skills to continue to improve the quality of my work.

Student_Placement_ConnorConnor Bailey


  1. How do you intend to incorporate the knowledge and insights gained during your placement back into your university studies?

All the practical knowledge that would be inculcated in my DNA throughout this experience, as it would mould me into a working professional, ready for challenges in the corporate world. I would surely be able to incorporate all my learning and experiences for my upcoming dissertation in my level 6, last year at university, and I am planning to choose research linking to Tactical Solutions, to have extensive primary research opportunities.

Student_Placement_PiyushPiyush Choudhari


  1. What advice or recommendations would you give to fellow students who are considering embarking on a similar placement journey?

It is a must have opportunity, and by the end of the year, I surely would be able to give a much clearer advice. For now, this experience is the key to helping a young budding professional understand the way of corporate business and experience the practicality of our learnings in day to day working environments.

Student_Placement_PiyushPiyush Choudhari


  1. How do you think this placement will shape your perspective on your chosen field of study or career path?

I think this placement will give me perspective on what I can achieve and what’s possible in terms of how high I can climb and how far I can expand my knowledge in this field to keep growing to achieve the best I can.

Student_Placement_ConnorConnor Bailey


  1. Finally, how do you envision your future self-reflecting on this placement experience a few years down the line?

I personally would take this entire experience as one of the most important opportunities I have received, with the support of my university, tutors and the entire Tactical Solutions team! It would definitely be my steppingstone and is a once in a lifetime experience that helps me develop my basics and lay a foundation in my career towards my first Job.

Student_Placement_PiyushPiyush Choudhari



Insights from Tactical Solutions Team Members

Jeni O’Shaughnessy, Business Unit Controller – Operations & Quality Assurance, who leads the student placement program commented: “Our student placement program is more than just a job opportunity; it’s a bridge that connects academic learning with practical business challenges. Through this initiative, students like Connor and Piyush are gaining insights that will not only contribute to their academic and career goals but also shape their perspectives on their chosen fields.


“As they embark on their placement journey, we’re excited to see how Tactical Solutions will play a pivotal role in shaping their futures. From building skills and confidence to preparing them for the corporate world, this program is laying the foundation for these budding professionals to thrive.”


So, to all the fellow students considering a similar journey, take heed from these students: this experience could be the key to unlocking your potential and preparing you for the challenges of the corporate world. Your future self will thank you for the lessons learned, connections made, and growth achieved during your time at Tactical Solutions.


For more information on the latest or next opportunities available, get in touch!