Tactical’s Top 5 Deals for Black Friday

29 Nov,2019

[lead]The American craze that’s taken UK bargain hunters by storm – Black Friday has arrived and we’re here to help you find the best deal![/lead]

A tradition that began across the pond, Black Friday has only been a thing in the UK ever since Asda’s American cousin Walmart, released discounted deals under the event back in 2013. Ever since, around the end of November, we see most retailers hopping on the bandwagon and reducing and applying exclusive discounts to many of their products.

The essence of Black Friday can be found in nearly every shop on the high street, with products involving tech, homey bits, clothes and shoes all being purchased at low prices just in time for Christmas. There is usually something for everybody, no matter your taste! With that said, we thought we’d bring you our top 5 favourite deals for this Black Friday!

Amazon Fire Tv Stick W/ Alexa And Tv Control – Was £39.95 Now £19.95

amazon fire tesco

A great discount from Tesco, the Amazon Fire Tv Stick is an online streaming platform that you can plug into your TV, enabling you to watch exclusive shows and movies. Thanks to it’s USB Port and ability to work on any HD TV, you are able to take your Amazon Fire Stick wherever you go, meaning that this is a deal you wouldn’t want to miss out on – it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Shark DuoClean TruePet 2 Battery Cordless Vacuum Cleaner – Was £479.99 Now £249.99

shark vacuum petclean


We all know that vacuums aren’t cheap, and if you happen to live with a pet, then you know how vital it is to have a good one! Thanks to Argos and Sainsburys, this Shark DuoClean True pet has been reduced by a massive £230. A vacuum that specialises in getting up that dreaded pet hair, this is a powerful product perfect for any pet owner and gadget lover alike!

No7 Treasured Treats – Worth £104.18 Now £35.00

noseven boots makeup

Now, this is very ideal for the build-up to Christmas! Boots have put together a collection of No7 products which would suit anyone who loves their beauty products. An extensive collection which ranges from eyeshadow, mascara, primer and eyeliners, it was originally worth a massive £104.18 but after discounts- you can get it for just £35.00! Perfect for Christmas.

Nescaf Dolce Gusto – White ‘Infinissima’ coffee machine KP170140 – Was £100 Now £40

dolce coffee debs


Become your own Barista with this high tech Nescaf Dolce Gusto. At more than half off, this coffee machine originally worth £100 has been reduced to just £40! Once bought, it enables you to create delicious hot drinks which come in over 40 varieties. Whether your a coffee, iced coffee or hot chocolate fan, this Dolce can do it all! Such a good investment and one that won’t break the bank.

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) Smart speaker with Alexa Charcoal Fabric – Was £49.99 Now £22.00

amazon echo 2

Bargain of the century! Most of us have an Alexa in our home, and if you don’t now’s your chance. Originally £49.99, Amazon is flogging them for a measly £22. The Echo Dot, one of the smallest models of the Alexa, is perfect for anyone who wanted to try out the voice-activated assistant. With the ability to tell you the weather, connect to your music and remember your daily calendar, this little piece of tech would make a great addition to your home, just in time for blasting Christmas songs. You’re welcome!