We’ve Been Nominated! FMBE Awards 2019

29 Aug,2019

[lead]Not long ago, we spoke of our hopes to be considered for a 2019 FMBE award, and this week those hopes have been fulfilled![/lead]

There’s truly a celebratory atmosphere around the Tactical office at the moment as we have been nominated for two titles at the 2019 FMBE Awards!

If you need reminding what exactly the FMBE Awards are, click here to read our blog which gives you the low down. But if you’re all clued up, you’ll understand why we’re so over the moon to be considered for not one but two of these prestigious awards. Okay, okay we’ll stop teasing you now – here’s what we’ve been nominated for!

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The Nominations

– Field Data Award

For those who aren’t savvy in field marketing jargon, the field data award gives considerable praise to agencies that have gone above and beyond when using efficiently collected data or insight to better a client’s presence in-store. The collected data acts as a foundation in which team members can use to implement the right actions in-store, consequently leading to positive results. These actions can include reporting, training, mystery shopping, merchandising and compliance.

Last year, it was Logobrand who went home with the gold; winning first place in the Field Data category for their great work with renowned drinks company, Britvic.

Tactical has been nominated for this award thanks to our brilliant work with Quorn. At Tactical, we too have the utmost pride for our specially designed bespoke systems which help us reach unbelievable results for our clients. For Quorn, we used our very own TSeye Data System to use live data and detailed insight to provide in-store support, helping to improve availability and promotional compliance. We achieved some amazing results, but this was expected thanks to our hardworking team and efficient systems. Read more about one of our recent data-led campaigns we did for Quorn.

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– Brand Ambassador of the Year

This award is particularly exciting as it places focus on one specific member of the team. Its requirements surround the actions of this individual, who’s work mainly consisted of providing face to face support and guidance for their client. It rewards the individual for being the best brand representative; which is demonstrated in excellent feedback, testimonials and outstanding results. The award itself is split into two, recognising the best ambassador for field and brand experience.

Last year, it was Tactical that walked away victorious, winning the gold for field sales. It was Tactical’s very own Chris Tarbuck that won the title of Brand Ambassador of the Year for his excellent work with Duracell.

This year, Ian Mullinger has been nominated for the Brand Ambassador of the Year Award in regards to his dedication and hard work with Birdseye. At Tactical, we place a lot of importance in not only supporting our client through our faultless systems but through our in-store presence. We love to become a part of the in-store team as well as a friendly face that can offer support, guidance and brand knowledge.

We hope to match last year’s success, and with what we’ve achieved in 2019 through our services and the hard work of our teams, we have high hopes for this year!

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