2019 Christmas Previews We’re Excited About

19 Aug,2019

[lead]Now don’t go scolding us for mentioning the most wonderful time of year four months early.[/lead]

We think it’s time to stop being such a humbug as The Grocer has released some retail previews which show us some of the exciting and festive products that we’re going to be seeing this Christmas. Now that’s something to get excited about! Just to kick off the festivities, here are some of our favourite previews we’ve seen so far.

Aldi – Specially Selected Exquisite Chocolate Bauble

aldi christmas choccy bauble
Image Retrieved from The Grocer

Chocolate is a HUGE seller at Christmas, no doubt about it. To stick out amongst the crowd and outshine big names like Cadbury’s and Nestle, retailers are going to have to think big. Well, as you can see from this sneak preview of just one of their products from their 2019 Christmas line, Aldi has certainly achieved this. This beautifully crafted chocolate bauble is made up of gingerbread flavoured white chocolate and comes nestled in a small selection of filled, bite-size chocolate pieces. According to the Grocer, the delicate design was given to the chocolate through water cutting technology, making this chocolate show-stopper a true Christmas must-have.

Asda – Gin-smoked Salmon

gin smoked salmon asda christmas
Image Retrieved from The Grocer

The Gin trend that grasped 2019 seems to still be ongoing, and Asda is definitely making the most of it this Christmas. Introducing their Gin-smoked salmon, a truly unique product that will please both gin and food lovers alike. This unlikely pairing will undoubtedly tempt the adventurous and be the talk of the table at most Christmas dinners. The salmon itself is smoked in a traditional manner, but then soaked in Scottish Gin and sprinkled with lemon and juniper berries to give it that festive twist. We predict that this will be a big seller this Christmas!

Tesco – Sticky Chilli Cauliflower

tesco sticky cauliflower christmas
Image Retrieved from The Grocer

Do we spy another 2019 trend making its way into the Christmas products? As you probably know, 2019 has seen our supermarket shelves becoming more and more inclusive, especially for those who are vegetarian and vegan. This Christmas, everyone will be able to have a party nibble as retailers like Tesco release delicious vegan party food such as these Sticky Chilli Cauliflowers. Thanks to the catering of all dietary requirements, we can spice things up a bit this Christmas, and not just with the mulled wine. And as for vegan treats go, we’re very excited about these.

Ocado – Pleasecake Black Forest Cheesecake Fully Loaded

cheesecake black forest christmas ocado
Image Retrieved from The Grocer

Now, this is what we call a show-stopper. Not sure if you could get away with saying you made this masterpiece yourself, but you’d still be a firm favourite in your household. This amazing cheesecake has come from the foodie mastermind’s Pleasecake who have reinvented the Black Forest Gateau. The mega-cheesecake involves a double chocolate base as well as a chocolate cherry filling and impressive chocolate shards on top. For those too busy to whip up a mindblowing dessert alongside a big roast dinner, this one’s for you.