5 Ways to Boost Sales In-Store

15 Apr,2021

[lead]With lockdown easing, many businesses and high street stores are reopening their doors and providing customers with a near-normal shopping experience once again (with masks and social distancing of course).[/lead]

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Although lockdown has meant that many of us are relying on online shopping to get our retail fix, nothing quite beats the hands-on experience of shopping in a physical store. Plus, it gives our favourite brands the opportunity to reach out to us directly and urge us to try new things.

So as customers pry themselves off of their laptops and hit the shops, it’s vital that brands and store owners get themselves back up to speed with how they can fully engage their customers. But how do you go about funnelling excited shoppers to your products and ensuring a high level of sales?

Without further ado, here are Tactical’s top 5 ways to boost sales in-store!

1. Implementing Free Standing Display Units

A great way to allow products to jump out at customers is to store them on a strategically placed Free Standing Display Unit, or FSDU. These can be found at store-fronts, in the middle or at the end of appropriate aisles or near your other products on the shelves (especially if you’re marketing a new product release).

These FSDUs can be both visually appealing and dripping with your well-known brand. They can efficiently store your product of focus and provide an opportunity to steer customers away from the regular shelves and towards your featured products and promotions.

Here at Tactical, we can provide FSDUs and facilitate both the design and print to ensure your brand is 100% present. We can pre-build and fill them in our warehouse facility or build and implement flat-packed FSDUs in store. To ensure maximum performance, Tactical’s dedicated teams can then regularly visit your POS in-store on your brand’s behalf to make sure your products are replenished, availability is maximised and sales are constantly being driven!

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2. Attentive Visual Merchandising

When it comes to any form of marketing, thinking outside the box almost always yields the best results and can be applied to your product presence in-store. It’s one thing to have your products sat on the shelves, but how else are you going to stand out amongst your competitors and drive sales?

There are many aspects of visual merchandising, some more minor than others. Nevertheless, all of them play a very important role in boosting brand presence and sales. By working with Tactical, you can easily solidify your visual merchandising strategy and ensure that even the smallest detail is working towards boosting your sales.

When working with the teams at Tactical, we can implement and monitor every aspect of your visual merchandising from the simple task of pulling your products forward on shelves to maximise on-shelf availability, to using our bespoke software and systems to drive systemic fixes against prominent SKUs to further enhance the availability through the supply chain.

Implementing data-led changes through Tactical’s visits makes sure you are funnelling your merchandising in the right direction and ensuring increased sales.

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3. Point of Sale (POS) Marketing

Opportunities to market your products and ensure great sales aren’t just limited to the shelf and FSDUs. Counter Display Units (CDUs), Shelf Edge Labels (SELs), Aisle Fins, Wobblers, Dump Bins and other forms of POS can help to grab the attention of your customers and boost your sales.

Do you have an upcoming promotion you want to market in-store? POS is the answer! Point of sale campaigns generate brand awareness and sales uplifts without being intrusive to the customer journey.

Off-shelf POS is a great way to maximise and capitalise on all the available space within a retail environment.

4. Maintaining Stock & Inventory

This may sound like an obvious one, but your sales aren’t going to be the best they can be if there is no stock on the shelves for customers to buy! It’s vital that your product’s stock and inventory levels are constantly maintained to ensure maximum availability for your customers.

Tactical can ensure that your brand’s stock and inventory level is always at an efficient level through our Data-Led Calls and sale stats made available to us through our bespoke software Reapp.

Using the data available we are able to see which stores require attention before we’ve even set foot into a store! Using our insights we can deliver a bespoke strategy week-on-week to target the stores with low stock to make sure you’re focusing on areas that need it most.

Unlike traditional Field Marketing agencies, we make sure your products are not only visually appealing on the shelves, but readily available for customers to shop.

5. Gondola Ends and Secondary Space

One of the many ways you can focus on your brand and products and ultimately boost your sales is by utilising Gondola Ends and Secondary Space in stores. Gondola Ends, Side Stacks, Pallet Stacks and Queue Line Space are all great ways to promote your products and draw in the attention of curious shoppers.

Putting the spotlight on your brand and products can help you to stand out amongst your competitors and of course, contribute to boosting your sales!

When working with Tactical, our dedicated teams can not only visit stores and make sure that Gondola Ends and Secondary Spaces are filled with your products, but we also make sure that we’re taking every possible step to push your products and sales.

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What can Tactical do?

Using our team of experts, as well as all of our bespoke, specially designed software and technology such as Reapp, Tactical Solutions can act on behalf of your brand and create an unrivalled presence in-store. We are constantly striving towards boosting your sales and brand awareness through live and accurate data.

Using software such as TS Eye, we can identify issues before even entering the building and make data-driven decisions – offering a much more efficient service in terms of both time and money. With a combination of our industry knowledge, specific data and dedication to your brand, we can offer expert advice, save you time and money and of course, drastically boost your sales.

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