Training & Development at Tactical Solutions

20 Apr,2021

[lead]Here at Tactical Solutions, our dedicated teams are a direct representation of our industry knowledge, our expertise and our quality services.[/lead]

They are the heart of our business and we are passionate about their training and development.

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Not only do we love to see our team members progressing, but our training and development programmes also ensure that our clients are equipped with the best possible team and representatives for their brand.

But as a continuing, new or potential client of Tactical Solutions, you may be wondering how exactly we keep our team fully trained and how we support their ongoing development.

So, here are just some of the actions/programmes we’ve put in place to ensure our team are achieving the best for your brand and for their career at Tactical Solutions.

Our National Training Manager

The National Training Manager is an integral member of the in-house Tactical team. It is their sole job within both our Office Teams & Field Teams to provide our in-house training. Using our detailed and attentive training programmes, our National Training Manager ensures each and every member of our team is equipped with the latest industry knowledge and the skills needed to bring the best results for our clients.

Thanks to our National Training Manager and the programmes that are conducted under their watchful eye, our employees understand every part of their role and are fully supported when learning the ropes of their specific department.

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Our Learning & Development Programme

The programmes which have been designed especially by and for Tactical Solutions cater to each and every team member, no matter their specific role.

Despite our team consisting of varying roles and responsibilities, we like to make sure that the whole team is exposed to the same training and programmes to uphold and maintain the level of expertise that is expected of Tactical Solutions.

Here at the four main stages of our training programme:

Online Modules

Here at Tactical Solutions, we like to work with as much bespoke technology as possible to ensure that we are sticking closely to our values and standards. In regards to training, all of our employees are given access to our online training platform, Thrive.

Catering to everything from role-specific training for new starters to refresher programmes for familiar faces, Thrive’s online modules are on brand, laced with our ethics and are constantly updated to provide the best possible training for our teams.

Meet & Greet

Tactical Solutions aren’t just aiming to create a team of field marketing professionals, we also want our employees to feel happy and comfortable in their place of work. With that said, we make sure to give our new starters the full Tactical welcome by holding a Meet & Greet within our Head Office.

To have a full understanding of the work that Tactical do, it’s important that all of our new starters are not only acquainted with our many different roles but the people behind them. Our Meet & Greet session makes sure any new members of the team can put a face to a name and know where to go if they need any help.

Field Accompaniments

To further our new colleagues’ understanding of Tactical Solutions and what we achieve for our clients, part of our training programme also includes getting to know one of our existing members of the Field Team.

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In this portion of training, new additions will spend a day shadowing one of our Field Sales Representatives in store. This way, they get to experience first hand what Tactical does and of course, propose any questions that will further assist their understanding.

Department Insight

Making new starters feel part of the Tactical team from the get-go is very important to us. So, a key part of their training involves an introduction to every single one of our departments. This ensures that they are fully equipped with all of the necessary Tactical knowledge and that they are ready to be the best company representative they can be.

Each department will make sure that the new starter is fully acquainted with their integral role, as well as every person who is responsible for delivering the level of service that Tactical is known for. This allows each member of our team to have a full understanding of the company and know who they can reach out to when wanting to achieve their full potential.

We invest in Team Tactical

Tactical Solutions wouldn’t be able to achieve our mission and aims without our hard-working team, so it’s important to us that we give back in the form of an amazing work environment, essential support and the training needed for every single one of our employees to reach their career goals.

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