Chewing Success: Our Collaborative Journey with Mars Wrigley

We have recently collaborated with Mars Wrigley for a 12 week project, focussed on driving engagement, improving availability, and enhancing distribution across the cherished Wrigley’s range. Targeted for the City of Manchester, this project is designed for results, with weekly coverage across 71 grocery and high street stores. Additionally, our specialised convenience team will make two additional calls into independent convenience stores within designated Manchester postcodes.

This campaign is all about reaching more valued customers in Manchester, focusing on three core areas:

Syndicated Coverage with Convenience Team – We’ll actively sell the top 10 Wrigley’s SKUs, enhancing display opportunities, and elevating brand presence through POS materials.

ISS Coverage for Grocery Stores – We’re expanding our reach across the top four grocers in relevant Manchester postcodes, ensuring products are readily available for customers across multiple grocery chains.

Flexx Coverage on the High Streets – Our Flexx team will ensure comprehensive high street coverage, guaranteeing core SKU availability and maintaining attractive product displays.

Our aim is to set Mars Wrigley up for success in Q4 and beyond. Manchester’s diverse retail landscape provides a unique opportunity to showcase the Wrigley’s range to a broader audience. As we progress, we’re excited about the positive impact on brand presence, customer engagement, and product availability in Manchester. Together, we’ll make Wrigley’s a household name and create a delightful gum experience in this dynamic city.