Maximising Display for Bayliss & Harding

Maximising Display for Bayliss & Harding

Maximising Display at Key Seasons

Bayliss & Harding wanted to ensure promotional compliance at fixture and FSDU brand execution throughout the Golden Quarter, a critical trading period for their brand.

Data is at the heart of everything we do, and directs everywhere we go. With this campaign, our Business Insight team prepared a prioritised call file. Through data analysis they were able to quickly create a call file which identified Bayliss & Harding’s highest RSV stores. They were also able to overlay identified stores with core SKU LSV issues. The field team were then able to call on these first, as a priority to systemically fix identified SKU’s with sales issues to unlock volume and value growth potential.


  • Improved brand promotional compliance by +8.23%
  • Over 5,000 cases merchandised
  • In excess of 1,200 SEL’s added
  • Over 1,150 POS items added to fixture