Double Delight – Our December Heroes

7 Jan,2022

We continue to celebrate the efforts and incredible work of our colleagues in 2022, as we reflect back and announce our December Heroes.

Once again, it was just to hard to choose just one winner, so we come armed with a double helping and award two!

Scott Lewis (Regional Sales Manager)

Scott’s leadership was recognised by his peers following the sustained pressure he and his region were under during the Golden Quarter, battling a challenging number of calls and made more difficult due to sickness within the team. Despite the obstacles faced the team delivered some great results and Scott’s management of his team was recognised widely across the business.

But what’s the secret to Scott’s leadership style?

“I think what makes a good leader is being able to understand your team, being that approachable, people person that’s always there for them and having the drive, respect and trust that nothing is impossible to overcome or achieve.

“Communication with my team and peers during the Golden Quarter was key, as well as focusing on the objectives ahead. With coaching and development this gave the team the confidence, during some difficult times, to be the very best in class.

“It’s great to be recognised not only by my own team, but other areas of the business to understand what we are achieving. I feel a great sense of pride knowing that I and the team are achieving our goals as a business.”

Stuart Wass (Territory Sales Manager)

Stuart has been recognised following some amazing work he has produced on Yammer, a business collaboration and communication tool we use to share and communicate great wins and how we deliver them in store with our customers.

Following some great feedback, the customer was blown away by what they saw and we’ve been able to secure additional business with them into this month, after historically only working with them during the festive period. Result!

“It’s great to receive such positive feedback from the customer following our work and communication on Yammer. We work hard to increase visibility and share the great work of our teams in store with the customer and this has been a great success all round here.”