Increasing Sales in Retail with Technology

15 Nov,2022

The retail landscape is evolving, so it’s vital to ensure you know how to increase sales in retail.  

With so much at stake, there’s very little room for error (and even less room for guesswork), which is why we think that a data-led approach is the only way to set up for success in the retail industry. 

Here at Tactical Solutions, we’re big on data. But we don’t just collect data for the sake of it. 

We’re looking to utilise insightful, actionable data that can inform us on the right next steps for our retail clients, bringing them to a more efficient level of operation. 

If you’re looking to revamp your retail merchandising strategy through the use of expert analysis and industry-leading technology, look no further – get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss the options!

Or for a more in-depth look at the technology that’s revolutionising the retail space, keep on reading…

What technology should you be utilising in retail?

It’s the question on everybody’s lips:

What technology should you be using to maximise your retail efficiency?

In our opinion, it’s image recognition technology that’s offering the most effective insights, offering improvements to data collection and analysis, resulting in clear, actionable points. 

With this data at our disposal, we can then begin to formulate a strategy that works for you – from managing stock inventory to ensuring shelf availability for key products, we’ll keep the ball rolling so that your revenue keeps growing. 

In our eyes, it’s always better to be ahead of the curve, which is why we’ll strive to predict fluctuations and trends, and then prescribe the perfect antidote before a problem ever arises. 

It’s the fluid, streamlined, and efficient shopping experience that every retailer strives to create, made bespoke to your business model. 

Our industry-leading image recognition technology

At Tactical Solutions, we’re proud of our commitment to development and improvements across the board. 

Whether we’re tweaking the way that our Territory Sales Managers work when they’re in-store or looking to design new tools that change the way that the industry looks at retail optimisation, we’re always on the move. 

But when it comes to technology, we know that we’re not just ahead of the curve, we’re leading the way – our specialist in-house technology and software allow us to gain a snapshot worth its weight in gold.

From one quick snap, we’re able to quantify, assess, and report on how the shelves are looking in real time – it’s cost-effective, simplified, and gives you the insight that you need to take action now. 

If you’re seeing empty spaces, we’ll help you to put steps in place that ensure stock replenishment happens faster. 

If your displays aren’t using the correct marketing material, we’ll ensure that this is fixed ASAP. 

No matter what the issue is, our Territory Sales Managers are on hand to get down onto the shop floor and ensure that store managers are made aware of the issues promptly. 

It’s not just a one-time visit, either. 

We’ll make sure that we’re visiting your stores regularly so that we can monitor progress, keep an eye on shelf availability, and maximise customer engagement with the products in your stores. 

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our data-led store visits!

Availability is your biggest asset 

As a retailer, there are few weapons in your arsenal that are quite as impactful as availability. 

You can utilise all the promotional material in the world, but if the products aren’t readily available on the shelves, you won’t be making the sale. 

So that’s exactly what we’ll look to hone in on. 

Once we get to work on your shelf availability strategy, we’ll ensure that we identify any issues that could lead to low shelf availability or, in the worst case, empty shelves. From here, we’ll devise a strategic plan that helps us to keep stock replenished on a smooth rotation, even for your fastest-moving product lines. If there are external factors, such as HFSS guidelines, impacting your ability to keep your on-shelf stock levels high enough, we’ll look to find ways to tackle this effectively. 

When you’re working with the Tactical Solutions team, one thing is for sure:

Your customers will have access to the products they need, whenever they need them. 

Predict, prescribe, prevent!

For us, the work doesn’t just start when a problem arises – with our knowledge of the retail industry and customer behaviour, we’ll implement processes and strategies that predict trends, prescribe solutions, and prevent issues from ever arising. 

By working this way, we make sure that you’re able to commit to a method of operation that’s more efficient, more effective, and better optimised for maximum conversions on all of your product lines. 

Of course, being reactive in certain situations is necessary and you won’t be able to plan for every eventuality. 

Whether it’s a recall situation where product lines need to be removed from the shelves, a new promotion that needs to be pushed quickly, or an end-of-line sale that needs to be over quickly to move stock and free up shelf space, we’ll ensure that your retail space is running like clockwork. 

Combining technology with a human touch

But it’s not all about our groundbreaking technology.

Nor is it all about our expert field marketing team. 

What sets us apart is the way that we combine our image recognition technology and data analysis platforms with human insights and physical store visits to cover all the bases and create a strategy that works. Every time. 

One of our key strengths is the size and scope of our merchandising team. We’ve got a team member within 10 miles of every major retail store in the UK, so we’re always there when you need us. 

If you’re looking for an audit of your current processes and shelf availability, get in touch with our team today and we’ll arrange a store visit so that we can start surveying your current store status and begin to collect data that we can use to inform our next steps and get your stores back on top form. 

Working with Tactical Solutions

Big or little, modern or traditional, no business in the retail sector can afford to operate without a bespoke strategy and approach. 

If you go in blind, you’ll never see results. 

And that’s the mistake that we’re committed to helping you avoid. 

When you choose to partner with the Tactical Solutions team, your retail strategy is treated with the dedication and attention that it deserves, so you can rest assured that your business is in the best hands possible. 

We’ve got experience working with some of the biggest retailers in the game, so there’s no task too big for our teams to tackle. 

Equally, we’re capable of spotting the small nuances that could make a big difference – that’s the advantage of cultivating a highly-talented merchandising team with all the skills to do the job right. 

If you’re looking for dedication, insight, and increased sales, get in touch with us today!

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